Season 16 Von Romano's Title Predictions

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    This season’s bidding was already very spicy, and hopefully an idea of what’s to come for Season 16. Bidding however was done quickly, but some very high-profile players going for expensive prices, but also some underdogs could appear for certain teams. At this current moment TCs have yet to be assigned, so that could change predictions, and how the preseason goes could dictate tactics and players' starting positions come the season.

    Before reading the predictions, I would like to preface that these are my predictions and opinions alone based on my views, experience in the community, and previous season's experiences for certain players in bidding. I am not an expert, and this is just for fun, please I beg you all to prove me wrong, to save screenshots for gen chat when your team doesn’t finish bottom or wins the league and be mad where your team is placed. Someone be a 2016 Leicester City, I beg.

    Without further ado here are Von Romano’s Season 16 Post Bidding Predictions.

    Angers SCO: 10th

    - Ownership group run by Wing, Slimmershady, and Moblasi left bidding with very little money left on the table but let’s dive into the squad. Solid Defensive pickups in Oldest_Ranger and Rmd_Speedy, while the midfield seems like an ok group, I am worried about their attack and ability to finish. Rumors are circling Angers is the new bus station. They will get CS, but I don’t think they finish above 8th, but for this sorry wing 10th. Prove me wrong.

    FC Bordeaux: 9th

    - Cosminn4 is back in management and bringing EL_Blas-x and Jcork35 with him. He is a seasoned owner, with a lot of the core playing more frequently together unlike some other rosters. Their attack is solid with pickups of D-Saboteur and Kingramy23 paired with Blas. My main concern is the midfield to the back. While they have some good players like ZeroFifteen, they could get beat in behind and lose focus and end up conceding some goals. It's hard to predict places 9-6, but currently, I am going to have to put them 9th.
    8-6 Was very hard to predict where teams finish, so they could finish anywhere in that area. So this portion is in no particular order.

    Olympique de Marseille:

    - Last season they were wolves and finished 5th, this season they are Marseille. Bringing back their solid core, they added solid cheap pickups of Rbeezy--, Juansu_fati, Dannyyb0y_1, and last season's rookie of the year for $26M xRiddlz. A well-balanced team that I see winning games, but also losing some because of availability issues, and poor runs of form.

    RC Strasbourg:

    - A Fresh team this season with Solz422 (O), Kevdog1997andon (GM), xGavinino (AGM) in management. Their main target was zMagicLeo for $26 million, who is a top striker and could well be on his way to having a prolific season. The supporting cast is a tossup and could either go higher or lower end of mid-table. Some not-so-favorable results and I see this squad possibly dwindling. Too much a wild card team, in midfield and defense

    Stade Rennais F.C.:

    - New/Old Management for this team, as Destinty and Guardado take management again adding pluto to their team. They did well in the window, buying lots of players for cheap and splashing the cash on infinite-sv for a record-tying $35 million. This is giving me Roma vibes, for those who were around back in S13. They will have threats going forward and decent at the back, but I have a feeling that availability will cause problems, and if things start to slip, it will go down an LG mudslide.

    LOSC Lille: 5th

    - Newcastle 2.0: Blues, Berto, Z-69 are the management core of this squad. This team as quoted by Blues is “Vibes, we are just a vibes team.” Their biggest pickup is the TOTT GK in FatalClown- for $10 million, then Fab and Jacko for cheap comparatively. They added Mayor from the transfer market pre-bidding. This team might have availability issues, especially on Mondays, while the vibes are good. They could fall to the better teams but still, beat the bottom feeders. At this moment I’m putting them 5th.

    4-1 Was very hard to predict where teams finish, so they could finish anywhere in that area. So, this portion is in no order.

    AS Monaco FC:

    - Will this be Manley’s last season? From London to the southern coastline of the Mediterranean he took his squad to Monaco. Bringing Cupid and Daattoo into management solidifies the attack with Thunder, and getting a midfield steal in Achilles-sV. They keep basically the same defensive line that annoyed attacks last season with their bus station-style but adding cheese to the roster. How will they fair if things go wrong? I believe with their attack and midfield they might push up higher which could cause some gaps if parking the bus again. They could finish 1st or as low as 4th. We will wait to see because Manley left a fair amount of money on the table.

    OGC Nice:

    - New management led by Chef_Le_Mon which Shiftee and idrank2beersonce. They went into bidding with a plan and picked up a TON of players for $500K. Somehow they were able to pick up Macseiv, and Malik__876 for so cheap. They are solid defensively in Chef and Shiftee, with additions of iRiko and Pabs_04. We can't forget about iSaba—who could be lights out. I foresee this team having availability issues and possibly having problems if things start to slip. If they can contain that, they could win or they could finish as low as 6th.

    Olympique Lyonnais:

    - Last season's cup champions, went into bidding with the most amount of $$. They spent all of it except $1M. Huge pickups in the attack with the leading assister from last season in icymigue for $29 million, and tamimyo for $10.75 million. They also added well in the midfield with Robinou1994 and Tyype_. They did however add LordBolingoli and BlivESoundS in the defense, with Madafriky-_- being their new GK. This team will score a lot of goals as we saw last season with Bus and Hooper, but will they fix the mistakes in the midfield and defense from last season. This team was spent to challenge the league and put pressure on the other teams’ defensive line, but they could also lose or draw some games and finish 4th.

    Paris Saint-Germain:

    - Last seasons league champions built upon their stacked roster. They added TOTS defender Il-Lasagna-lI to their management and somehow stole his defensive partner Gireud for $7.25 million in bidding. They also added FaZe_Make69 and Mozilla2008 for cheap which adds to this team’s depth. This team was made to win the league again and go back-to-back. They however showed last season they can be beaten, so while they might be one of the favorites, they could still finish as low as 3rd. I don’t see them outside of the top 3 however, with the squad they have. Currently, while 1-4 is in no order this team is the standard to beat, as they are defending champions. It's on the other teams to prove me wrong and grab the Ligue 1 trophy for themselves.
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    Awesome post, great insight Fabri.
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