PSN Season 2 Thoughts + Suggestions!

Discussion in 'LGRL PSN' started by sam000mx, Feb 27, 2017.

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    This is the COMMUNITIES discussion thread of everyones opinions on the league! We want to know what YOU think, need, what you enjoyed and what you didn't. This off season is where we will take a in-depth look at the rule book and see what worked and what didn't. Being the beta season, it went fairly well but we want to know outside opinions to improve the next season and the experience for all players. This can be anything concerning LGRL PSN that will benefit and or improve the league.

    We are looking to match with the xbox rules considering we achieve a successful turnout season 2, so heres the link to take a look at.

    Here is a link to Xbox's latest rule changes going into season 4 to also consider.