Please VOTE! Season 21 Power Rankings Week 1- East

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Who's your wildcard in the East?

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  1. Bucks

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  2. 76ers

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  3. Knicks

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  4. Magic

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  1. Im Tom

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    1- Brooklyn Nets:team95:

    Hot start to the season for @roitman mixer and the boys, an unexpected loss to the 76ers to open up the season but they rattled off 5 straight wins after that and finished the week 5-1 with notable wins against the Bulls and Kings. Their first line, headed by without a doubt the player of the week @VenomOnFire was a perfect 4-0 and lifted them up, taking some of the pressure off of their second line who did their job pulling them out in front in the East. There’s been no doubt about how good Brooklyn’s first line was going to be coming into the season, the real question will be whether they’re the top line in the league, and whether they can keep things positive in the locker room.

    Week 1 MVP- @VenomOnFire 4-0 28ppg 10.3ast 2.3stl 57%fg

    Surprise Player of the Week- @Beta Evolution 4-0 11ppg 4.3reb 3.8ast 72%fg

    2- Chicago Bulls:team81:

    Chicago is a team that really showed that they belong in the conversation of top teams in the league with their week 1 performance, notably knocking off the Raptors first line on their way to a 4-2 record on the week. This team is really top heavy and relies heavily on their tough defence to get them their wins, they have the 4th best PPG allowed in the league (keeping ff’s in consideration), only allowing 1 team this week to put up more than 60 points on them. The question from this team comes from their offence, winning only 1 game this week by more than 10 points and that was against a struggling OKC squad, this is a team that can really get their offence flowing as the season goes on so this team could be scary as they start to pick up some steam.

    Week 1 MVP- @Beta Dreams 3-1 22.3ppg 11.8ast 2stl 54%fg

    Surprise Player of the Week- @mferra32 2-1 22.7ppg 2.7ast 1.7stl 61%fg

    3- Toronto Raptors:team105:

    A team that came into the season with high expectations and went out and performed, losses to 2 of the top lines in the league left them with a 4-2 record on the week and the third spot in the East. Some might see this as a step back for this team but the advanced stats show a bit of a different story, they had the #1 offence and #2 defence only giving up 1 more point than the #1 team. Like every team its going to take them a week or two to get things oiled up and rolling and if this team can get things ironed out expect a 4-2 week to be about average for them. The real question for this team is going to come against the top competition in the league, playing 3 strong teams in the first week they came out with a 1-2 record, there’s no question that this team is going to win games this season, the question is what’s this teams ceiling.

    Week 1 MVP- @Im Tom 3-1 23.5ppg 6.3ast 66%fg

    Surprise Player of the Week- @ThatGreenieKid 1-1 24ppg 3.5ast 1.5stl 81%fg

    4- Milwaukee Bucks:team93:

    Fear the Deer, the Bucks showed up this week and put the whole league on notice, finishing the week with an impressive 4-2 record including wins against the Lakers and Bulls and losses against top lines from the Raps and Nugs. This was a team going into the season that was a huge question mark but we now know that they’re not a team to be taken lightly, though when one question is answered usually a couple more pop up and for the Bucks this is the case. They are #5 in the East in terms of point differential, they only won 1 game this week by more than 10 points and that was against the Magic, this team has shown that you have to put out your first line against them. The question for them comes against top lineups, they have a much tougher schedule in week two and I for one will be watching them closely to see just how legit this team is.

    Week 1 MVP- @Xxshock242xX 3-1 16.5ppg 7.3ast 1.3stl 55.8%fg

    Surprise Player of the Week- @EastxCoastxGoat 2-2 22.3ppg 1.8stl 54%fg

    5- Philadelphia 76ers:team99:

    New season, same team, same result? Philly started the week strong but stumbled down the bend finishing the week 3-3 with their wins coming against Brooklyn’s second line and the only two teams below them in the East, and unlucky for them their schedule next week only gets tougher. Their real issue lies in their offensive production, as defensively they’re the #1 team in the league in terms of points allowed with the Lakers managing to put 66 up on them while the Nets were only able to muster up 36. If this team can manage to get some offensive consistency and points on the board, they could be a team to worry about, but the big question right now is if this team is if they can compete with the top lineups in the league. But that’s difficult if they’re content with the lineup they have right now, it’ll be interesting to see if they stick to that formula for the season if they continue to struggle.

    Week 1 MVP- @im just a squid 3-1 24.8ppg 7ast 4.8stl 70%fg

    Surprise Player of the Week- @JMizz9 2-2 19ppg 2ast 3stl 50%fg

    6- New York Knicks:team97:

    High hopes turned into a grim reality for the Knicks in week 1, a team that saw themselves as possible contenders are not going to have to make some serious adjustments to try and get their season back on track quick and that starts with better line matching, don’t be fooled by that 1-5 record as their only win was by ff. But its not all ripping here so lets talk upside, they were 3 points away from stealing a game from the Nets and kept games respectable against the Bulls and Bucks, this team definitely needs to figure out their identity and take the wins they can get going foreword, there’s no question that this team has talent, they just need to put the pieces together. They have some winnable games coming up next week but its all going to depend on what kind of team they want to be in this league, one thing that’s for sure is that STG Beast needs to do a lot less SCHMAKing as his 42% field goal percentage is one of the things that’s holding this team back, they need to take smarter shots.

    Week 1 MVP- @AMAURY401 0-3 14.7ppg 3stl 55%fg

    Surprise Player of the Week(not in a good way)- @Viktomize 0-2 19ppg 1.5blb 37.5%fg

    7- Orlando Magic:team98:

    Another team that just ran head first into a level of competition that they weren’t ready for in week 1 and dropped every game to finish 0-6, but much like the Knicks they struggled in week one but had a particularly difficult schedule that they can look to bounce back from next week. Though at the end of the day they’re going to get the same questions as the Knicks, are they going to be able to figure out what kind of team they are in the league and put the right lineups in against the teams that they have a chance to beat? It looks like they’ve already taken some steps towards changing up their lineup but the question is going to be whether trading for already struggling players is going to make them a better team, but its at least worth a try. Bounce back and try to get a couple of W’s next week.

    Week 1 MVP- @Uncle No Legs 0-3 17.3ppg 1.7stl 51%fg

    Surprise Player of the Week- @justdonni3 2 0-4 10ppg 12reb 2blk 59%fg
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