Please VOTE! Season 21 Power Rankings Week 5- East & West

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Who are sneaking into those final 3 playoff spots?

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  1. Bucks

    5 vote(s)
  2. 76ers

    8 vote(s)
  3. Knicks

    2 vote(s)
  4. Rockets

    7 vote(s)
  5. Lakers

    2 vote(s)
  6. Thunder

    4 vote(s)
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    1- :team95: Brooklyn Nets 21-9 (4-2)
    Two solid lines, one of the best first lines in the league, one last week to tighten up before the playoffs.

    2- :team105: Toronto Raptors 20-10 (3-3)
    Number of trades to solidify their second line, one more week to get their ducks in order before the show begins.

    3- :team93: Milwaukee Bucks 17-13 (5-1)
    Huge week gives them a huge step on one of the last two spots, barring a massive choke they'll see the postseason, but against who?

    4- :team99: Philadelphia 76ers 16-14 (3-3)
    Consistency is key, and one more week on that pace will keep them in it, they control their own destiny.

    5- :team97: New York Knicks 14-16 (1-5)
    A huge stumble near the finish line, and with that final hundred meters left all they can do now is win as many as they can and hope for the best.

    6- :team98: Orlando Magic 11-19 (3-3)
    Though not technically out yet, they'd need a miracle of miracles to slip into that last spot.

    7- :team81: Chicago Bulls 7-23 (1-5)
    Kudos to Dreams for making trades to put out lines for the last week of the season.


    1- :team84: Denver Nuggets 19-11 (5-1)
    Possibly the most dangerous team in the league right now, one last week to iron out their lines till the big games start.

    2- :team94: Minnesota T’Wolves 18-12 (4-2)
    Their hot streak continues, with some big trades they'll take the last week to lock in their lines and tighten everything up.

    3- :team102: Sacramento Kings 19-11 (1-5)
    Tough to watch a team fall apart like this, losing your top player, some rough trades and they're struggling, but with all of the trades they made this week don't count them out just yet.

    4- :team87: Huston Rockets 14-16 (3-3)
    An underwhelming season continues for the Rockets, but this is a team that is a dark horse come playoffs and if they can keep it up and get in they could upset anyone.

    5- :team90: Los Angeles Lakers 13-17 (3-3)
    The Lakers are this close, they just need one strong week to sneak in that last spot but they'll have to beat some tough teams to get there, including a huge Friday night game against the Rockets.

    6- :team373: OKC Thunder 11-19 (4-2)
    What could have been is the story line for the Thunder this year, some big trades will give them a shot but is it too little too late.

    7- :team101: Portland Trailblazers 10-20 (2-4)
    Another team that would need a miracle to sneak into that last spot, they'd need to go 6-0 to get there though.

    Busy with finals and assignments, I'll have more time next week for the end season rankings
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