Season 9 Owners Introductions

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    Hello everyone, this is BLUESfan1997 and I will say I had the pleasure to speak and ask all the owners and even some of the management staff for Season 9 questions pertaining to their involvement in the league and how they wish to be seen. I am grateful to everyone for being so cooperative in giving me their time and answers. I wish every team the best of luck into the season. I hope you enjoy the transcribed versions, if you wish to listen to the audio, I did leave a link to the video itself, though keep in mind the audio is not the greatest of quality, but there are just so much in the audio interviews that I had to leave out so, feel free to give it a listen.

    RB Leizpig w/ Misterroot and PandaKendo

    Q - Misterroot, have long have you playing in LG?

    A (Misterroot) - This is my third season here on LG. My first season (Season 7) I was a TC player on Chelsea w/ CBear and Mayor, and then moved into the roster which I enjoyed. I then signed up for the second season (Season 8), met Panda then, he was management for West Ham. Now I wanted to do it myself and applied for ownership and here I am.

    Q - What is it about the league that propelled you to take the responsibility and commit the time as an owner of a team?

    A (Misterroot) - The league is set up really nice, with the roster set up, having to play all 16 players twice, and strategically getting them game time and being competitive to win.

    Q - PandaKendo, I recalled speaking with you after Season 8's end, to see what your mindset was after joining in your rookie season as GM seeing if you were going to go back into S9 as a player or a manager. You mentioned that you were going to go the route of a player and yet here you are once again taking the GM role for RB Leizpig. What was it about Misterroot or his vision that convinced you to give the management role another shot?

    A (PandaKendo) - Well I coach soccer IRL so it's something that I can connect with. I was a bit turned off with how managing S8 w/ West Ham (going over the incident in S8) so I didn't want to be part of a team that is going to have a whole bunch of drama. Misterroot is a very high ranking construction worker, so he does command respect when he addresses the team, and I myself am more of a numbers guy, putting the best players via stats on the pitch, so I am more towards the leadership of the finances and stats side of management.

    A (Misterroot) - We both became really good friends once we realized we lived about half an hour across from each other, so to go from not knowing Panda to knowing he lives nearby and is now my GM is a positive.

    Q - How did you go about with building your team, and what is your sleeper pick in your squad?

    A (Misterroot) - Well we actually have two brothers in the team (KennyBloggingsWI) and (Dlewi_7474), the team is more about keeping a friendship together and playing with each other as a team. We are not worried our defense, which is why we got Mayor as we could into our fold. We want to bring silverware to the team and get Mayor the silverware he's looking for.

    A (PandaKendo) - Our team roster is a mix of friends and some interesting people that are in ACL Div. 1 that have won titles in the ACL. We have a few sleeper picks that we won't name for the sake of secrecy that are rookie of the year candidates.

    Q - Do you have any words to your competitors about how you built your roster?

    A (Both) - Good luck, and have fun! In fact, tune into the live-streams, we have myself, Mayor and SoCalm.

    Q - Is there a weakness in your team that you have seen with practice, with everyone seeing the squad as a bunch of unknowns?

    A (Misterroot) - I am not worried about our squad, but one spot that we haven't fully seen yet is our Goalkeeper, but we were amazed with him in the Pre-Season Tourney.

    Q - Why is CBear so good in FIFA?

    A (Misterroot) - I think it's the hair.

    Q - What's your prediction for the league (Gold, Silver and Bronze?)

    A - Misterroot
    1. RB Leipzig (going to Pete Rose it and go with myself) with Gold.
    2. Dortmund with Silver.
    3. Wolfsburg with the Bronze (Sizzlak will return to form and they also have Harrmonix as well to sure the defense).
    A - PandaKendo
    1. RB Leipzig Gold.
    2. Dortmund with Silver.
    3. Schalke with Bronze.

    Q - You guys have a lot of players that are still of unknown quality in the league, but you guys did your homework and were able to pull of this team structure, but there's one guy in particular that I am interested in knowing more about because I don't know who he is until recently. What's Omar13VA's role in the club as AGM?

    A (Misterroot) - You'll see on Sunday! I met a group of people from a Latin league, and these guys I have gotten close with, one who's my son's godfather in Georgia. Omar is someone that can amaze you with his talent.

    A (PandaKendo) - He's our rookie of the year contender. He's a player you say how can he do instead of what can he do. When he's in play, he can single handily elevate this team to the next level and he was the ACL goal leader last season and third place in assists.

    Q - To the people that are doubting the Panda + Mayor duo, what would you say to them?

    A (PandaKendo) - I want our stats with Mayor and I, to be better than his stats all throughout his FIFA Career w/ Mayor and CBear. We're very competitive in practice together.

    Vfl Wolfsburg w/ Alonzi401

    Q - How many seasons have you been owner in LGFA PSN?

    A - Ooooh... Probably my [5th] time as owner, I ran Season 2 or Season 3 [technically, my owner never showed up.], I ran fully as owner in Season 4, Season 6, Season 7 [I took over as an owner, so we can count that.], and Season 8 I ran as owner for LG Crystal Palace. (This is your 6th time as owner my friend).

    Q - What is it about this league that keeps you coming back as an owner or even just a player in general?

    A - The league is more structured, even though the league is less in teams, there's less collapses compared to the other leagues and the people here will try to find a way to run it to the very end. I am a huge fan of all the BOGs, and the tight knit community makes it feel more like a family than anything else.

    Q - You ran LG Crystal Palace in S8, you were predicted to be bottom of the table, yet you were able to manage the team into the top of the league up until later into the season. And as you know, it doesn't take much for things to swing the other way. If there was one thing that you would have done differently in the prior season, what would it have been?

    A - I would have listened to my conscience over letting the players dictate the lineups. I ended up letting the masses take over than taking charge as owner.

    Q - Your team structure has been built very uniquely, some people have been quick to point out the personalities might be a problem in the locker room. Do you have anything to say to those that might think that this team won't be consistent enough to perform if early expectations are to come short?

    A - Two things, one Sizzlak09 and Semple19 up top at their hot days, are in the top. To those that think we will have problems, we're not projected to go so high so it won't be too much of a problem.

    Q - Who is your sleeper pick this season?

    A - Many of you who may not know, we picked up Twiztid7886, and to me, he's arguably the best CAM in the league. I played with him in Season 3 and won the double in Season 4. He then took a break from FIFA and he decided to return for Season 9.

    Q - What's your prediction for the league (Gold, Silver and Bronze?)

    A - Alonzi
    1. I don't want to give it to them again, but I have to. Dortmund for gold.
    2. Schalke for silver.
    3. Wolfsburg for bronze.
    I know Matt is probably going to be like WTF WHERE'S KOLN?

    Q - What's your team's greatest weakness?

    A - I think it will come down to really just not executing at the right moment, where we will won't shoot when we need to and well I am going to try to mitigate that as much as possible.

    [I personally mentioned the availability of just have 1 goalkeeper, XioGSheppy (as good as he is tends to not show all the time and not show up without warning.)]

    A - Well we have a backup option at GK, it's Sizzlak09. He's a pretty good goalkeeper.

    Q - How is CBear so good in FIFA?

    A - Well he holds Mayor's hand. I will say he had Mayor's 30.75 million dollar contract groomed behind him so he can shine with whatever contract he was on.

    Q - Do you think the Mayor transfer cost will be worth it for Leipzig?

    A - No, it's going to be a repeat of Chelsea. I think if Mayor has a solid unit to actually support this season, I expect better, I except way better, but Mayor always has a great season.

    Catch us for the post Pre-Season podcast with other guests coming the 10th of April. [Don't quote us yet, we're still in the works on it.]

    Borussia Dortmund w/ Respecognyze

    Q - I am actually going to start with a question you answered in the Season 7 Owners Introductions.

    "Q - Thank you so much for your time in helping the league get to know their season 7 owners a little better and I wish you the best of luck this season! Is there anything you'd like to say to the other owners?

    A - You made a big mistake by not making me your star player."

    Looking back at the start of Season 7 to now, as the two-time defending champions, do you feel you've made your point in this league?

    A - I feel like I have kind of made a point, but I still got to shine, they aren't letting me shine. When I started as a player in Season 6, Bentobox_Steve [Rest in Peace (F)] I wanted to play on his team, and he was such a dick and he is part of the reason on why I am who I am as owner.

    Q - How do you feel that your bidding window go?

    A - Well we had to re-sign BenficaFan19 [whom I taught him everything he knows.], And as he was creeping higher and higher in the amount, we were wondering just how much more can we go for him, but I said we had to get him as he was too important to let go. We did set a budget in the beginning, but that kind of went out of the window as the market was going higher and higher and we did lose out on VivaelChelsea, who is a core component on this team.

    Q - What would you say to those that say they have a hold of the Spurs/BVB way and play-style?

    A - What to expect? Expect the unexpected. We keep changing our style, we don't want to be a book, and we don't want teams to think they know how to counter us. We are always eager to learn and tough on each other, but it's important to be to help better ourselves.

    Q - What's your prediction for the league (Gold, Silver and Bronze?)

    A - Respecognyze
    1. BVB
    2. BVB
    3. BVB
    I'm kidding, I can see Frankfurt being a sleeper pick. I think Schalke will be another team that will do very well. Does it really matter who I place at 2nd? Nobody looks at 2nd, only first. I see BVB winning all three titles.

    Q - Who is your sleeper pick this season?

    A - I would say Respecognyze, the guy's movement on and off the ball is incredible. I would also give it to The_Blind_Ref as well. He's a really good Any and can play any position and I was shocked he went for 500k and he will shock people this season.

    Q - To the new owners that are doing this for the first time, what advice would you give them to keep them from folding after one season?

    A - If Youssef is going to play for you, don't let him play for you. Honestly, being an owner is a lot of work, you have to be the voice of your team, you have to be the motivator of your team. You're basically the mother and father of the team, and everything goes through you so you have to show no emotion and you have to be able to make the tough decisions for what's best for your team. You still have to be able to be respectful to your teammates but able to tell them where they stand.

    Q - How is CBear so good in FIFA?

    A - Is that a joke? I think he's a hacker if people think that he's good. I kid of course, I think Mayor is overrated and CBear is decent (Once again, he is joking). He's never played for me so I can't gauge his play.

    Q - To those looking to dethrone your team, what would you like to say to them?

    A - The only way you're going to dethrone the champions, is you'll have to kill us all.

    FC Bayern Munich w/ Azevedo2002, KevinSLB1302, and King_Barros

    Q - I remembered you wanting to take ownership in Season 8, when you still fairly new to the league. You ended up under Alonzi401's wing as manager of the Crystal Palace team. How much more did you end up learning with him as your mentor into now becoming owner this season?

    A (Azevedo) - Honestly almost everything that I learned about this league is thanks to Alonzi. The man is incredible, he's the person on and off the pitch you can talk to and he really cares for the team and the people.

    Q - What was it about Azevedo's vision and his goals for his team that may you decide to talk management positions?

    A (Kevin) - It's how you build the team that makes it so rewarding, and the league has it's unique way to make me motivated and to be able to join up with someone I played with.

    A (King_Barros) - It's about the structure and helping set up the tactics that gets me excited.

    Q - During the pre-season tourney that you helped hosted Azevedo, you ended up using the tourney as a combination to win and to scout players, one player in particular was P-a-t-r-i-c-ki. What made you feel comfortable to drop so much on someone like him?

    A (Azevedo) - He's a close personal friend, he's like a fourth manager and a defensive captain in all fashions. I put the money because he is a great player and can be relied on in more facets.

    Q - What's your prediction for the league (Gold, Silver and Bronze?)

    A (Azevedo) -
    1. Dortmund with gold.
    2. Schalke with silver.
    3. Bayern with bronze.
    A (Kevin) -
    1. Bayern with gold.
    2. Wolfsburg with silver.
    3. Schalke with bronze.

    Q - King_Barros, who's you sleeper pick this season?

    A (King_Barros) - I think tmbourg217 will breakout this season and show the league who they've missed out on. He's worth every penny, his passing is amazing, his defending is amazing.

    Q - Azevedo, who do you have that's your personal challenger/rival in the league?

    A (Azevedo) - As a manager, you want to say that every team is your rival, but for me personally, I will have to say that it's Mattalo21uk's team [FC Koln]. It's not just with Mattalo21uk, it's also challenging Mikeys_swagg_doe for Golden Glove.

    Q - What is the weakest point in your team?

    A (Kevin) - It's our defense, but it's something that can be worked on over time and when chemistry is built with communication.

    Q - How is CBear so good at FIFA?

    A - I really like his picture.

    Q - If you have one thing to say to those that say this team is not flashy, to those that will doubt your ability?

    A - They better open their eyes, and realize that we will be contenders for all the available silverware.

    Hertha BSC w/ Mr_Funk_E_Fresh and CusMadness

    Q - Why did you decide to take ownership?

    A (Mr_Funk_E) - I saw somethings that I saw thought were non-beneficial with the growth and development and I thought that I have to be the change to help keep the league growing and I have a philosophy of players' first to buy into it.

    Q - Cus, what made you take the management role with Mr_Funk_E?

    A (CusMadness) - He asked me to do it and I wanted to take part in his vision.

    Q - Mr_Funk_E, is this a team that you plan on building on this team for the long haul? Or are you planning on just dropping this after the season's end?

    A (Mr_Funk_E) - The motto for Hertha BSC is "The future belongs to Berlin." so, with that it resonates with me seeing how that I don't see myself as a one-season owner. So I want to help grow this league even though EA won't see the potential in Pro Clubs as a whole community.

    Q - I noticed that Cus, you haven't played an official game for LG as of yet, and that Mr_Funk_E was on a Spurs teams in Season 8 on the outside looking in. Did you buy into his players' first dream as something you wanted to be apart of as you both were left spited by difficult first season ownership?

    A (CusMadness) - It left a sour taste in my mouth last season and I want to be the change to never let that happen again to anyone else that joins this team.

    A (Mr_Funk_E) - I spoke with Cus earlier on, I told him my vision and he instantly fell on-board, and as a counter to the points made, I still want to be competitive, but by being able to field all my players in the roster.

    Q - What's your prediction for the league (Gold, Silver and Bronze?)

    A (CusMadness) -
    1. Dortmund will win gold.
    2. And the other two places are too tough to call.

    A (Mr_Funk_E) - Schalke and Wolfsburg may have engineered their teams to counter what BVB have been able to achieve so far.
    1. Dortmund or Schalke could be gold/silver.
    2. Alonzi401's team is no slouch for bronze.

    Q - Who is your sleeper pick this season?

    A (CusMadness) - Gmoney316_ct can possibly take that Top Assister award.

    A (Mr_Funk_E) - And don't sleep on Rmd_Speedy when it comes to goal contributions.

    Q - I spoke to Respecognyze earlier, he brought up one player in particular that ended up not on his team, Vivaelchelsea. What's your notion with managing to snag a player like him under their noses that they have named part of the core team for Respec.

    A (CusMadness) - He was a player that truly impressed me during the tryouts.

    A (Mr_Funk_E) - I have no ill will for Dortmund and Cus has been my main scout and he always brought up Vivaelchelsea and mentioned just how good he was in the overall play, so if it's a situation of ruffling feathers, it's far from that. We knew we needed to bring him into our club.

    Q - Talking about the way you want from your club, what do you see as your biggest weakness as a club?

    A (Both) - Being a fresh club to be able to build the chemistry with the teammates we have here at Hertha. Once we get everyone to believe in the core values and are able to buy into the club, I think we will be just fine.

    Q - How is CBear so good at FIFA?

    A (Mr_Funk_E) - He was next to Mayor last season.

    Q - Looking through your lineup, I see a lot of new faces, a lot of unknowns in the team. To those that are already blasting this team, doubting it's potential and already cementing this team to the bottom of the table, what do you want think and how do you want to respond to them?

    A (Mr_Funk_E) - You can't judge something before it happens, if you don't know what the plan is. I don't care for bashing, I can take constructive criticism, but haters are going to hate. And to all the haters out there, it's a middle finger up to you all.

    FC Koln w/ Mattalo21uk, Mikeys_Swagg_Doe, and TTV-TheManBerto

    Q - How long have you been in the league for Mattalo21uk?

    A (Matt) - This is my 6th season in the league.

    Q - What gave you the mindset from going from player to becoming a new owner now in Season 9?

    A (Matt) - In my last two seasons as a player, I wasn't enjoying myself, I wasn't having fun like how it was in Season 4 and 5.

    Q - What brought you two to take the next steps from being players to becoming part of the management role for Matt's team?

    A (Mikey) - I was told by Berto that Matt wanted us to be part of his management staff. I was not given any information, and as soon as I was thinking on it, Matt comes into the party to ask if we wanted to be part of his team. And I said yes immediately.

    A (Berto) - I had to think about it a little, but seeing the quality in players Matt was bringing in, I knew we were going to form a trinity of strong management from the start.

    Q - This league has been looking for strong ownership to help the league grow for the future. To those that see this team as a "Win now or Bust", what would you say to them?

    A (Matt) - I would say winning now is important and is always important for every player. I saw it as how can we be a potential league winning side, and if others want to deem it that way, I'll take it.

    Q - I know you were part of Alonzi401's team at Crystal Palace for Season 8. Was there anything that he taught you that you're bringing in for what to prepare for or how to man management?

    A (Matt) - Alonzi401 is a good friend of mine, Alonzi always teaches me the same thing over and over and that FIFA is so unpredictable, so every night you can win.

    Q - Who is your sleeper pick this season?

    A (Berto) - I would say Abuelitagainz is a great box to box midfielder, and she can help bring a difference to our team.

    A (Matt) - I would agree with Berto, but I have someone else in mind in U_Just_ who is very young in the position and he can play in the keeper position and perform like a veteran.

    A (Mikey) - I would also say that U_Just_ is a future player.

    Q - Who is your main rival that you're gunning for this season?

    A (Matt) - For me, it's Respecognyze and Dortmund. We are always jawing off at each other and always healthy competition. Youssef is a friend of mine and was with me in the Pre-Season tournament so it's always a way to better yourselves when you play a rival like them.

    Q - Berto and Mikey, you both were together in Season 8 for West Ham as players. If you have the ability to make any changes to how the team was being ran, what would you have done differently?

    A (Berto) - First I want to thank Ethan11, PandaKendo, and A_Breed_Apart for giving me an opportunity, but if there was one thing I would have changed, I would have played at striker as soon a possbile.

    A (Mikey) - First I want to thank Ethan11 for placing the bid on me, I know I was toxic guy, and I was barely around until the Season 8 bid window, so for Ethan to have that much faith in me, I really do appreciate it. If we just had a consistent back-line, instead of constant switching, it would have helped a lot.

    Q - What's your prediction for the league (Gold, Silver and Bronze?)

    A (Mikey) -
    1. I have Koln winning the title.
    2. I then have Dortmund winning silver.
    3. Schalke getting bronze.
    A (Matt) -
    1. I also have Koln winning the league.
    2. Dortmund getting pipped over for silver.
    3. I have Alonzi's team Wolfsburg in bronze.
    A (Berto) -
    1. I have Koln also winning the league
    2. Dortmund coming back after back to back titles to stick with silver
    3. Frankfurt in bronze.

    Q - Why is CBear so good in FIFA?

    A (Mikey and Berto) - He's not. (Berto) How much did he pay to ask that?

    A (Matt) He's what? What makes you think he's so good in FIFA? Riding Mayor's coattail? I jest, but I think CBear is better than Mayor, and a lot of people will see that this season. What makes him so good is his vision in FIFA.

    A (Berto) - I see him a decent player, he was under the shadow of Mayor, but he will shine this season.

    Q - A lot of people see this team as a bubble waiting to pop when there will be agitation, what do you say to those people who doubt this team lasting this season?

    A (Matt) - This team is going to make it through the 3 seasons. I will speak it into existence.

    I wish you guys the best of luck and for you Mikey a successful final season in LG. My condolences to you, your friends' family and to those who knew him.

    FC Schalke 04 w/ Cosminnn4 and Gireud

    Q - You've returned to the league after two back to back 2nd places. One in a more streamlined ending and the other in a more heartbreaking end. To those that doubt your teams' ability to break the deadlock in being 2nd best, what do you say to them?

    A (Cosmin) - It's not the team, its about playing consistent and being able to see the games through. I see it this way because if it was the team, then we wouldn't have been able to keep it so consistent and to be so close.

    Q - Gireud, you took the role of AGM after being a player for two seasons. I know you both have ties with each other prior to coming into the league. What is your expectations coming back for a third season?

    A (Gireud) - To win anything and everything.

    Q - What keeps you going as an owner in this league?

    A (Cosmin) - The squad keeps me going, the players care for each other and they are all team players. And I want to beat Respecogynze.

    Q - Gireud, to those that have said Cosmin's ownership has held you back for individual recognition, what would you like to say to them?

    A (Gireud) - I don't think that's true. It's always a matter of everyone bringing their best.

    Q - Gireud, you're a known player but not given the recognition that we feel you deserve. Is your goal to finally break the threshold into the levels of an Elite status player?

    A (Gireud) - Of course, in Season 7, I didn't play in all the games so that did come against me, but after last season, I've been playing with everyone in the league and now they have a gauge at how good I can become.

    Q - What's your prediction for the league (Gold, Silver and Bronze?)

    A (Cosmin) -
    1. To be honest, I don't enough with the other teams to give a true gauge. I want it to be us gold.
    2. Dortmund to be silver.
    3. I could probably go Leipzig bronze.
    A (Gireud) -
    1. I think its us at gold.
    2. BVB silver.
    3. it's a two way battle for Leipzig and Koln. How they both structured themselves puts them up there.

    Q - For the new owners looking to build their teams, what advice would you give them as an existing owner?

    A (Cosmin) - It depends on how they want to build their teams. If they want to spend their entire budget and reset every season or two, then so be it. If they want to build a core and continue, if you need help, ASK. Don't be afraid to ASK for help. And get great management to help assist you along the road.

    Q - Who is your sleeper pick this season?

    A (Cosmin) - Gireud, he will finally push for the recognition that he deserves, Kevin Ji if he's able to demonstrate his true potential, and Champeeuhn as someone we scouted early in the Pre-Season tournament.

    Q - Why is CBear so good in FIFA?

    A (Cosmin) - Who's CBear? (After a bit of discussion, it turns out he thought I said Cyborg.)

    Q - Going back on a question you answered in your Season 7 Owners Introduction

    "Q - What are you as an owner looking to bring to the LGFA PSN League?

    A - I am looking to bring more people to the league and help it get known across the fifa fanbase. Also looking to help if possible and if needed with improving aspects of the league if necessary."

    If there's something you can change in this league, what would it be?

    A (Cosmin) - If there's a team that wants to bring their roster, if they wanna do that, then they should be able to do that for 1 season off bids. Give them a chance to bring their full squad together, because if a team wants to bring their players in, then there's that chance that they wouldn't be able to do so.

    A (Gireud) - The Vetting System.

    [To which Cosmin displays his dismay with these simple words: #FreeTawCohh]

    Eintracht Frankfurt w/ co-owner CBear522

    Q - Why did you choose Colombian_Flaco as your co-owner?

    A - We're both friends, and both of us agreed if one became owner, the other would be the GM. He then decided to go for it and I just got roped into it.

    Q - The way the roster was set up, was with the core intact, and just added a few pieces to it, did you have a specific reason in keeping it that way?

    A - It was beneficial to keep it together as Mayor_35 and Bentobox_Steve ran an ACL team. I saw it as a plus to build chemistry through consistently playing with each other and that's how Colombian_Flaco joined up with us in our ACL team.

    Q - It's interesting how it you kept it the same, even though the Chelsea teams from Season 7 and 8 would start off slow and sluggish and always near the end, came out red hot. With everyone telling me that the team built here is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde show with it possibly having title contention or just slow burn to mediocrity, what you say to them?

    A - There was a lot of reasons why those teams in the past were not able to be consistent all throughout the season, but to look at it in the tinted glass now at our team, I think you may be overlooking us now that we've played across multiple leagues and have figured out what works best for our team. The only thing getting in our way to glory, is ourselves and our big personalities.

    Q - You mentioned that you enjoy playing this game with friends, and that it makes the game easier to deal with. With that being said, is there a long term plan for your team?

    A - We're trying to keep the core together, bidding was close to perfect, with some exceptions, so we'll keeping our options open to acquiring them through the market or through trades.

    Q - What's your prediction for the league (Gold, Silver and Bronze?)

    A - CBear
    1. Dortmund with gold.
    2. Schalke with silver.
    3. Us in bronze.

    Q - Who is your sleeper pick this season?

    A - Pheonixx-96, he came through with half of the season to go and still managed to get T-5 in the end of the season, so with a full season, will be a force to be reckoned with.

    Q - Why is CBear so good in FIFA?

    A - CBear is not that great in FIFA, he's above average. Him playing in so many leagues, has given him the best tools to help predict play and having Mayor train me for 2 seasons.

    Q - What's your expectation of bringing in someone like Nickerlover?

    A - We got him to use his mouth against the opposition, he's a very good CB, CDM and winger. He's also a very good troll.

    Q - Being part of the league, not as a player or manager, but being part in the media team, is there anything you wish to ask the owners/managers to help make it more exciting?

    A - Get everyone in your roster involved, from your 16 to your TC players, try to engage them to keep their interested. SEND CLIPS TO THE MEDIA TEAM FOR TOP PLAYS. PARTICIPATE. Because it's tough to continue to do things if there's no attention being given to it.

    Q - Do you have anything you want to say to Colombian_Flaco, and anyone else?

    A - Fuck you Flaco, why did you make me do this? And Ramsam02, you are a traitor.

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