Season XXXIV Predictions- AFC East

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    New England Patriots (GokuBear)- Goku comes to the AFC East after spending Madden 17 in the NFC East. This is a stacked division, but Goku does have experience that will help him as we approach Season 34. He also has the best QB in the history of the NFL. It will be interesting to see how he utilizes his tools.

    New York Jets (True G4mer)- Gamer takes his Jets again, but this division may not be kind to the long time vet. However, Terrell always finds his way into the post season when playoffs roll around. Expect another strong showing in Madden 18 and an absolutely tremendous draft class throughout the Madden Cycles.

    Buffalo Bills (ARosa1024)- Rosa stays in the AFC East, but finds himself in Buffalo. This is a team that I expect Rosa to be successful with, especially Shady McCoy. Rosa knows how to win and has proved it year in and year out. This year will be no different.

    Miami Dolphins (JonGka)- After spending Madden 17 in the NFC East Jongka also moves over to the AFC East. He takes over a team that will be fun to use on offense. Though, one can argue that JonGka is just as dangerous on defense as he is on offense. Seeing how the Dolphins defense stands against this powerful division is something that will be exciting to watch throughout the year.

    Pats (5-11):

    Vs. Chiefs- W
    Saints- L
    Vs. Texans- L
    Vs. Panthers- L
    @ Bucs- L
    @ Jets-W
    Vs. Falcons W
    Vs. Chargers-L
    @ Raiders-W
    Vs. Dolphins- L
    @ Bills-L
    @ Dolphins-L
    @ Steelers-L
    Vs. Bills-W
    Vs. Jets-L

    Final Record: 5-11

    Jets (10-6):

    @ Bills- L
    @ Raiders-W
    Vs. Dolphins- W
    Vs. Jaguars- W
    @ Browns-W
    Vs. Pats-W
    @ Dolphins-L
    Vs. Falcons-W
    Vs. Bills-W
    @ Bucs-L
    Vs. Panthers- W
    Vs. Chiefs- L
    @ Broncos-L
    @ Saints- L
    Vs. Chargers-W
    @ Pats- W

    Final Record: 10-6

    Bills (9-7):

    Vs. Jets- W
    @ Panthers- W
    Vs. Broncos- L
    @ Falcons- L
    Bengals- W
    Vs. Bucs- W
    Raiders- L
    Jets- L
    Vs. Saints- W
    @ Chargers- L
    Chiefs- W
    Vs. Pats- W
    Vs. Colts- W
    Vs. Dolphins- L
    @ Pats- L
    @ Dolphins- W

    Final Record: 9-7

    Dolphins (11-5):

    Vs. Bucs- W
    @ Chargers- W
    @ Jets- L
    Vs. Saints- L
    Vs. Titans- W
    @ Falcons- L
    Vs. Jets- W
    @ Ravens- W
    Vs. Raiders- W
    @ Panthers- W
    @ Patriots- W
    Vs. Broncos- L
    Vs. Pats- W
    @ Bills- W
    @ Chiefs- W
    Vs. Bills-L

    Final Record: 11-5

    Miami Dolphins: 11-5
    New York Jets: 10-6
    Buffalo Bills: 9-7
    New England Patriots: 5-11
    I see this division being a three horse race. Ultimately, I see JonGka and his Miami Dolphins coming away with the Season 34 AFC East Division. I expect Goku to play spoiler late in the season with upsets that end the hopes of many teams. It would be quite the seen if these three teams finish as close as I predict.

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