OFFICIAL Sharks Pacific Cup Season 3 - $46,000 in Prizes + Live LAN Final

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    We are proud to announce season 3 of the #SharksPacificCup presented by WD_BLACK!

    This event is bigger then ever before with over $46,000usd in cash and prizes

    Here's a break down in all prizes

    Main Division
    1st Place = $30,000 + 6x replica Sharks jerseys
    2nd Place = $5,000
    3-16 = Sharks Prize pack (6 per team) @ $60 each ($5,040 total value)

    Contenders Division
    1st Place = 6 Prize Packs ($60 each) + 6x replica Sharks jerseys
    2nd Place = Sharks Prize pack (6 per team) @ $60 each
    (New) Signups will be open during the duration of the regular season where teams can still signup and will auto be assigned to the contenders division.

    Stream Prizes

    WD_BLACK will be giving away a prize per stream including solid state hard drives! Estimated value = $3,500

    Live LAN April 29th in SJ
    The final 2 teams will be flown out to SJ to compete in person in a live bo7 final!

    Event Details
    This event is Xbox Series X|S on NHL 23 or PS5. The entire team must be on the same console., open to players North America (USA & Canada). This event is 16+, team owners must be 18+. The event will take place March 1st

    Week 1 - Wed/Thr Mar 1/2
    Week 2 - Wed/Thr Mar 8/9
    Week 3 - Wed/Thr Mar 15/16
    Week 4 - Wed/Thr Mar 22/23
    Week 5 - Wed/Thr Mar 29/30

    Playoffs Round 1 - Wed Apr 5th
    Playoffs Round 2 - Thr Apr 6th
    Playoffs Round 3 - Wed Apr 12th
    Playoffs Round 4 - Thr Apr 13th

    Finals Live in SJ Apr 29th

    Official Rulebook:
    Official Legal Rules:

    The Sharks are going big for this event, we ask all that players follow on social Sharks Gaming , As well as like + retweet all social media content for this event.

    This is the biggest event ever, we hope to see all members take part!
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    hello as you can see I registered my team but again I can not change the image of the team is these normal or
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    Thrilled to be bringing the LARGEST EA NHL 6v6 Esports event in history to the Chel community through the SJSharks Gaming Pacific Cup Presented by WD_Black!
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