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    Hello FIFA nation! @Gnora x 14 are glad to bring you guys the option of playing in Tc games like seasons before. we are hoping to bring up some new faces create big names names and grow our LGFA football community.

    Here's how TC games will work:

    - TC games will run Tuesdays at 7:30 and 8:00 pm est, they will be ran by @Gnora x 14 and myself. Thgis games will be posted with the LGFA games above the shout box as TC Blue VS TC Red.

    - How to sign up, just click on the match up shown above, and it will take you to a new page, where you can sign up for either team. As well as the position you wish to play.

    - The games will appear in the with the LGFA nightly games allowing you to have the feel of participating in LGFA live events.

    - Stats will kept for all participants who play in the game.

    - your stats from the game will appear under your LGFA tab on your profile. It will be listed under training camp games.

    - these stats will allow your management team, or other teams management to "scout" your performances throughout training Camp, and hopefully earn you a spot on a first team line up.

    - games will also be streamed by either myself or @Gnora x 14 for team management to watch live and catch any up coming talent first hand.

    - Only TC players are aloud to sign up for the available TC games, so you will have first dibs on any position the earlier you sign up.

    - If the games do not fill up up with active TC players we will try to fill in the remaining spots with management before random roster players, just for you to meet some owners, and kind of get the general feeling of who they are, and what they are looking for on their team. However we will be looking to host consistent 11 vs 11 match ups, so if we can not fill the games with just TC and team Owners some roster players will be aloud to play. so you may get to met some of our league top veterans in these games.

    - league rules still apply to our TC games, so make sure you have read the rule book before attending these games.

    @Gnora x 14 and i will release a scouting report weekly, to provide evaluation of players to further help you with your game, as well as help you gain exposure to the league.

    With that being sad if you have any remaining questions, PLEASE!!!!! contact my self or @Gnora x 14. We are here as a resource for ALL! players in the league, and especially our TC player base. We want to see our player base grow, and become a strong competitive environment.

    We think this will be a great season, and looking forward to the new talent joining or returning to the league!
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