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    Announcing the LG Hut Hub presented by NoSleeves!

    View the LG Hut Hub live at https://www.leaguegaming.com/huthub.


    Your home for everything NHL HUT and 1v1 esports

    The LG Hut Hub presented by NoSleeves is your home for everything NHL HUT, a place for you to help build and design your team, compare and research cards, see what is popular around the community and share or flex your team on social media, or the dedicated LG chatbox.

    Here are some key features of the LG Hut Hub:

    upload_2023-1-25_13-28-16.png upload_2023-1-25_13-28-20.png upload_2023-1-25_13-28-25.png

    LG Hut Hub Home Page
    • View the latest HUT events and all cards for these events
    • See what cards are popular in the community this week
    • See all recently added or new cards
    • Quickly view the teams of top members of the NHL community
    • Timers for upcoming HUT Events
    • Esports calendar for all upcoming 1v1 or NHL HUT events
    • Dedicated LG Hut Hub chatbox where members can flex their current team
    Stat Tables
    • Quickly filter and drill down stats to find the perfect card
    • Server side rendering to make searching and filtering as fast as possible with as little load on the client as possible
    Compare Multiple Cards Quickly.
    With the LG Hut Hub card compare, you can compare multiple cards at once, all with each stat broken down.
    Build your HUT Team
    • Build multiple teams
    • Turn on synergies and x-factors using the calculator
    • Set your team and individual line strategies
    • Share your team with friends, and post to social media (below)
    • See teams from the top members of the NHL Community
    • See all the teams of your friends in one place
    Build your HUT Team and take it with you.

    With LG Hut Hub not only can you build your NHL HUT team, but with our tools you can render videos that you can share on social media platforms like twitter or tiktok. With one button LG will make a video for you of your team
    Examples (Horz & Vertical)​
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Professionally Designed.
    Looks matter, and LG Hut Hub was professionally designed by @stvehayes design studios! This simple yet clean design completes LG's existing theme with NoSleeves branding in a unified and consistent look.


    Dedicated back-end tech - OCR.

    At the end of every NHL game, there could be up to 10,000 cards in the system, And to get the data into the system is not longer extremely time consuming, its also prone to input errors and inaccuracy. LG has built dedicated back end tech to make this process as smooth as possible by building an NHL HUT OCR system to get all the data out of the cards for us to make data entry as easy as possible.


    Although this feature is not a customer-facing feature, its the back bone of making our HUT DB work.​

    A Community Project - By the community, for the community.

    This project is a joint partnership with Leaguegaming & NoSleeves. Leaguegaming has been the leader in the NHL community for over 20 years (established 2003) and has innovated the space in community engagement and esports. This partnership combines LG's know-how with NoSleeves direct community involvement. This means the LG HUT HUB will grow and change based on community feedback. Got a cool feature? Want to see something moved or fixed? Spot a bug on a card? Done done & fixed. We fully believe the LG Hut Hub will look completely different over the years as the community helps us grow and improve this web site.
    Next Steps. Coming Soon
    The LG Hut Hub will be a continued project which will add features as we grow, here are future plans for this project

    Twitch Extensions
    Are you a streamer of NHL? Wouldn't it be cool if your viewers could simply click a button on your stream and see your current team build?

    (Destiny 2 example, instead it could display your current NHL HUT Team)
    Mobile App Support
    Most people browser the internet on their phone, the LG Hut Hub plans to be added to LG's mobile app where members can do all the features of searching, building teams and seeing card data right from a mobile app.
    We are excited to see where this project leads! Thanks to all our testers, contributors and members who helped us launch this project!
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    love it sleeves i watched tyt video! i thought my squad was a god squad with all 90 plusses but your team makes it feel trash love the website keep it up