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    Here is a simple list of tips that will get you on your way to competing here at LG and specifically in the Top Spin tours:

    1. If you haven't done so, register a new account here at LeagueGaming. This can be done on the main screen or links at the top of your page.
    2. Sign in to your LG account and head back here to the Top Spin forum, or simply go to
    3. Take some time to observe the General Rules post as it will provide you with critical information you will need to compete.
    4. Head into one of the sub forums (World Tour, Bronze Coach Tour, etc). These sub forums are where the individual tours reside and where you will go to check out draws and information specific to each.
    5. Read the specific tour rules within each sub forum to decide where you would be interested in competing. You may be involved with multiple tours at the same time.
    6. If there are tournaments to enter you will see open draws near the top of your page, and there will be links to sign up for said tours along the right side.
    7. Once you've signed up you will have until the posted start time of the tournament to prepare.

    Just like that you'll be on your way to battling out to become the number one player on LG, and potentially The World.
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