Top 5 Swingers and Centers Going Into Bidding

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    Bidding for yet another season of LGBA is here and that means decision time for owners. Who will they go after, Who will they bid up, and many other questions will be answered. Well, I’m here to give you a list of some guys who may be the answers to their questions. Here are the top 5 swingers and Centers going into bidding (owners excluded).

    DISCLAIMER: This list was made Sunday, October 10th. This is a couple days before bidding, so some people may late signup and not be on this list. So make sure to look out for any word on late signups that could heavily improve your team. Now onto the list.


    1. Berry Grizzly - LGBA Nets legend Berry Grizzly brings what you need on and off the court. He shows a high IQ level, is used to playing against good competition, and is a good party presence overall to have. At a position that is pretty deep this year, he deserves this spot.
    2. xJuice III - Juice doesn’t miss. No, seriously. The 2 combine games I saw him play he shot 6/6 and 7/7. He, like berry, is a good party presence to have and will show up and show out.
    3. BillyBuckets - You may not recognize this name, but I suggest getting used to it. Billy is a offensive oriented player who will get buckets in the corner. He knocks down the open shots and has a couple moves he can combo to get open for a corner mid range if the offense is struggling. His defense isn’t insanely strong but anything he gives up, he’ll get right back.
    4. Aptai - After getting his season basically sabotaged by Munnie due to him being an S and on west, Aptai is back and he looks good this year. He can hit consistently from the corner, and can also switch to guard the PNR if necessary. His one weakness is probably shooting anywhere outside of the corner, but that shouldn’t be a huge issue given he will rarely stray out from there.
    5. Expect Bills - Another west coast boy, Bills has moved from hash to swinger this year. He’s a knockdown shooter and good defender who can make reads. I fully expect at some point in 2k22 for him to be on an All LGBA team.

    Honorable Mention: MikeyG VE - Mikey is very improved this year according to those who have ran with and against him. I just had to give an honorable mention for swingers here because the position is so stacked.


    1. Im vDemon (a.k.a Good To Lock, Flight Risk Warning) - Don’t let the GT change fool you, Discord mute legend GTL has changed his GT to Im vDemon, and he is indeed a demon. A very offensive oriented center, he can not only run PNR but also create his own shot or his teammates shot when the ball is in his hands. However, be warned, as he may have a flight risk. But, at the least, make sure he does not go cheap.
    2. Extreme888 - The LG All Time Rebound Leader simply has to be on this list. Extreme is so good that in 2k21, the rim run era, I never saw the man get dunked on once. He will get you stops on the defensive end, and give you what you need on offense. He’s basically a lock for an All LG team every year.
    3. Viz VE - Viz is back from Ireland and sees himself at number 3 on this list. Viz is an elite rebounder who will give your team second chances on offense. While he admittedly says his shooting can be below average, he still gets the job done and then some. He will contribute a lot to any good team.
    4. SOF The Sorrow - SOF showed out last season and with many former C’s switching positions, he gets bumped up to number 4 on my list. SOF is a solid player who will set the big bodies you need, and overall just play his role perfectly. He’s a championship caliber player in every sense of the word.
    5. swank0cean - swank’s player looks like Wilt and plays like him at times too. Swank will constantly horse on the boards and get his PG open with screens. He does lack the ability to read when to pop and shoot at times, but he’s a big inside presence that can help win games.

    There’s your top 5 swingers and centers. If you’re not on this list and feel robbed, prove me wrong (I’m proved wrong a lot, so it’ll probably by easy). Good luck to everyone this season and owners specifically in bidding.
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