TOTT Winners (DFB-Pokal)

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    Good evening everyone here on LGFA PSN and for those peeking at our forums, why don't y'all join us if you have a PSN account and FIFA 20 for S10 of our illustrious league? We've got quite the new-coming list to announce here! For the first time, we're actually giving awards out for the Cup! Our first Team of the Tournament and it's with Germany's most esteemed cup, the DFB-Pokal. Please join me, @BLUESfan1997 in congratulating the S9 LGFA PSN TOTT!

    GK: @XioGSheppy (Vfl Wolfsburg)

    9 GP: 32 Saves (82.1% S Pct), 4 CS

    The man lives for the big occasion, and the cup seemed to be where he thrived the most for his performances. In the group of death, he kept the team intact and in many cases, kept them in games where they wouldn't have been otherwise. His performance against RB Leipzig, 210 mins of keeping them off the board was incredible and noteworthy in it's own right and for that, he deserved this award.


    LB: @Bruins10R (Vfl Wolfsburg)

    9 GP: 17 INT, 19/38 T (50% T Success), 3 CS, 90/106 P (84.9% P Comp) [7.6 AMR]

    A solid cup run for Bruins, a relatively good player but not given much of a chance to shine, @alonzi401 's ability to spot talent helped him out as he performed as best as he could, besting @Omar13VA in 210 mins of play on the right flank as his big moment for the team.


    CB: @P-a-t-r-i-c-ki-- (FC Bayern Munchen)

    10 GP: 16 INT, 8/18 T (44.4% T Success), 6 CS, 2 BLK, 40/45 P (88.9% P Comp) [7.6 AMR]

    Patty TOTT, he may have missed out on the chance for TOTS, but he made sure to make a name for himself here in the DFB-Pokal. An incredible display not only in the fabled Group of Death, but to keep 6 clean sheets in the 10 games he played showed that he kept most of the flames at bay.


    CB: @Stun Gun (FC Bayern Munchen)

    10 GP: 14 INT, 12/24 T (50% T Success), 6 CS, 4 BLK, 31/35 P (88.6% P Comp) [7.8 AMR]

    We may not see eye to eye, but I can still only appreciate his willingness to take time out of his day to write the columns that he does. Saying that, he was the second partner to Patrick and he made his stand as he was able to keep the goals to a minimum. Congrats man, I hope we can come to equal terms!


    RB: @Callumh71 (FC Bayern Munchen)

    7 GP: 14 INT, 7/19 T (36.8% T Success), 5 CS, 1 BLK, 55/73 P (75.3% P Comp) [7.2 AMR]

    I've had the pleasure to play alongside Callumh recently, and I have to say, he has potential and I bet @AZEVEDO2002 knew that from the get go. He kept that right side on lock and looking at his defensive output, he didn't seem to make a mistake at all.


    DM: @HazeyF (Vfl Wolfsburg)

    8 GP: 26 INT, 21/38 T (55.3% T Success), 3 CS, 103/116 P (88.8% P Comp) [7.9 AMR]

    His performance in the two legged semifinal against RB Leipzig was truly a masterclass at how to play the solo DM role. His stats show that he doesn't put a wrong foot in, his ability to read the play and the situational awareness to be able to cover the field was second to none. What a cup performance as a DM and congrats to you Hazey!


    CM: @Pvt_Gosling (Borussia Dortmund)

    7 GP: 2 G, 2 A, 133/148 P (89.9% P Comp), 7 KP, 2/3 S (66.7% SOT), 2 CS, 16 INT, 17/25 T (68.0% T Success) [7.5 AMR]

    The shapeshifter as he's known, he epitomizes what a true CM is to be, both a supporter of the offense and defense, and for that, there is no other like him. He fit the role perfectly and his stats albeit really good, is only slightly hurt by being eliminated in the Group Stage. His work there though was still more than enough to warrant his nomination in the TOTT XI.


    CM: @GreatWun21 (RB Leipzig)

    11 GP (9 GP Rec): 1 G, 8 A, 113/164 P (68.9% P Comp), 12 KP, 4/5 S (80% SOT), 5 CS, 15 INT, 25/89 T (82.1% T Success) [7.3 AMR]

    Leading assist-man in the DFB-Pokal, there was no question that this man would not make an appearance in the TOTT. His contributions for the RB Leipzig side is what got them to the finals no question, and make you wonder just how good can he become.


    ATT: @AZEVEDO2002 (FC Bayern Munchen)

    12 GP: 7 G, 7 A, 12/14 S (85.7% SOT), 156/220 P (70.9% P Comp), 12 KP [7.6 AMR]

    He has the most goal contributions in the DFB-Pokal, you can say all you want, but winning a cup as your first season as owner is an incredible accomplishment in it's own right, but to say that he was one of the main cogs for the Bayern offense is an understatement. He truly deserves his place on the the list and happy birthday buddy and thanks for the incredible cards for everyone here for TOTT.


    ATT: @KevinSLB1302 (FC Bayern Munchen)

    12 GP: 9 G, 2 A, 17/31 S (54.8% SOT), 99/127 P (78.0% P Comp), 4 KP [7.9 AMR]

    The brace to seal the Cup and what has been a revolutionary season for the now possible newest owner on the block, Kevin simply did what he could to help support @AZEVEDO2002 in winning the DFB-Pokal and getting a respectable 4th place finish in the league. Now as they go their separate ways, they can at least look back that this cup with a sign of mutual respect.


    ATT: @Omar13VA (RB Leipzig)

    11 GP (9 GP Rec): 9 G, 2 A, 18/25 S (72% SOT), 97/119 P (81.5% P Comp), 10 KP [8.5 AMR]

    I mean, do I have to say more? Omar pretty much walked in this league and has taken up all the big awards for himself, and the cup is no exception. He was pretty much target #1 for all the games he played, and he performed, up until the semis and finals where the teams game-planned solely on shutting down this beast of a man.

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    Thanks for the write up blues! Also thanks for the birthday wishes! :)
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    Great job Blues! Don’t worry we do see eye to eye on most TOTW’s! ;)