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    This season I have decided to throw in a curve ball when it comes to trading players. As we all know this season we have chosen to select GM's prior to bidding which means only 4 out of our 6 roster players are tradable. We wanted to expand to 9 roster players per team this season but unfortunately the signups were too slow to predict its outcome. With 9 players per roster, the salaries would be more distributed; also makes more players per team more expendable hence, making trades more frequent and easier to agree upon. Last season with a similar 6 man roster, trades did not stray farther than only training camp players and a select few of roster players. This season i want to promote the idea of trading, rather than everyone be stuck without the option of changing your roster the entire season. If your team is on a hefty losing streak you should be able to do something about it. This season id like to introduce salary retaining amongst trades. It will be a experimental season but I have high hopes that this will prosper. You can thank @HohoMcAngles for the idea, wouldn't have even considered it until he mentioned it to me.

    Having this enabled does not mean you can alter the mins/maxs of cap space and salaries. 500k will be the lowest a player can be as well as 5mil being the highest. Salaries will continue to be at intervals of 250k.
    Now LG does not currently have a trading system that will accommodate salary retainment, it is strictly for non fluctuating salaries which means it will be slightly more difficult to keep tracked. There is not a place to put excess money on your roster so all retainment trades will have the money go to the teams Owners's salary.
    When making these trades, there is not a way to include these in the trade itself, so something you and another owner worked out will be unbeknown to the staff team when approving trades. On the trading page there is a notes section at the bottom that reads "Trade Notes to the other team or the BOG. This will be public". Use this when explaining the details behind the salary changes in a trade.

    How it works.
    This is an explanation on how this will work if you are unfamiliar with the process. Say you'd like to trade for a player but he would exceed your salary cap, while the other team wants two of your players in place of the one you want. The other team wants to make the trade happen so they offer you that they will retain a portion of that players salary so it will not exceed your cap space and make the trade possible.

    Example 1:
    Team A has Player C with 5mil salary.
    Team B has Players D&E.

    If the teams trade now, Team B (your team) will be 500k over 6.5mil. So, Team A offers to 'retain' 750k of Player C's salary since they want Players D&E. That will allow Team B to have Player C and have 250k cap space.

    Example 2:
    2 players on different teams have the same salary but one lesser skilled than the other. The team with the lesser skilled player offers to retain a portion of the players salary to make the trade more agreeable.

    Example 3:
    Now your are stuck with excess cap, what do you do? This will work both ways, not only for retaining it for a player but increasing a salary as well. Somebody wants your player? You agree to the trade but on one condition, they must agree to take an additional 250k increase to that players salary.
    Keep in mind you will not be able to do this unless your GM has a salary, you will NOT be able to take a portion of another one of your players salary to decrease your overall cap space.

    Happy Trading.
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    Neat! Great idea.
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