Week 2 Players of the Week

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    Disclaimer : @TTV-Thorpe7 and @nickyP1999 were both busy this week so I decided to take over for this week. That being said I looked at stats for the week... and in close races took other things such as matchup strength and weekly record into account.


    PG - This was a close race between myself and @StayFarAway_ATR. Also an honorable mention goes to @HoodieMerc who had a great week at PG as well so Included his stat line. After looking at and trying to take all the bias away as I could I decided to give it myself. I know on paper stayfar had a better statistical look with the shooting % however he also played lesser quality matchups including the 2nd line of Chicago who is winless which boosted his totals.. but he still had a green week

    Brown 4-0 27.3 ppg 8.5 apg 66.1% FG 63.9 3PT

    Hoodiemerc 3-1 20 ppg 3.5 apg 68.2 FG 66.7 3PT

    Stayfar 3-1 27.5 ppg 7 apg 75.5 FG 74.4 3PT

    Winner - @Browness- (NYK)


    Now this 1 is tough because of the games played... @WetLikeKyleLowry only played 2 games at SG the other 2 at PG... but he completely lit it up while at the 2 guard so I have to give it to him.

    Honarouable mention @coolviper__

    Winner- @WetLikeKyleLowry (DET)

    Coolviper 3-1 20.5 ppg 2.3 rbg 2.8 apg 1.3 spg 1 bpg 66% FG 54.2 3PT

    Wetlikelowry 2-0 (other 2 games played at pg)

    31.5 ppg 2 apg 1 spg 71.8% fg 55.6% 3pt


    There was no real SF that seemed to come close to @Simplyfaded34 stats this week he wins no contest

    Winner - @Simplyfaded34 (DET)
    Simplyfaded 3-1 19.5 ppg 2.75 rbg 3.5 apg 1 spg 52.9 48.7


    Even though @KillaPL went undefeated in his 2 games... @shervinz just filled the stat sheet more.

    Winner @shervinz (WSH)
    Shervinz 2-2 18 ppg 7.5 rbg 2.5 apg 1.75 spg 67.3 fg

    KillaPL 2-0 20 ppg 1.5 rbg 1.5 apg 1.5 spg 56.7 85.7


    Like SF... no one came close to @MpLs Anderson stat line

    Winner - @MpLs Anderson (NYK)

    Mpls 3-1 13.3 ppg 10.8 rbg 2.3 spg 1 bpg 67.8 100%



    @Kingdeydey_ had a great week and was much ahead of stat lines put up by other PGs in the west

    Winner- @Kingdeydey_ (POR)

    Kingdeydey 3-1 20 ppg 10 apg 2.8 spg 56.1% FG 56.5% 3PT


    @NEWFIEBOY94 continues his dominance of the SG position with another great week. Honorable mention to @Jay_412

    Winner - @NEWFIEBOY94 (SAC)

    Newfie 3-1 28.8 ppg 2.5 rbg 2 apg 75% FG 54.5% 3PT

    Jay412 2-2 18 ppg 3.8 apg 72.5% FG 81.8% 3PT

    @ttp-21- jets seemed to cool off this week and in doing so @Rifleman_Chizz snuck up and took away SF honors in the west this week

    Winner- @Rifleman_Chizz (POR)

    Riflemanchizz 4-0 17 ppg 6 apg 1.8 spg 69.8% FG 25% 3PT

    TTP 2-2 13.8 ppg 4.3 rbg 3.3 apg 2.3 spg 50% FG 45.8% 3PT


    There was some guys that played 1 or 2 games at PF this week that had good numbers.. but it wasnt enough of a sample size for my liking.. and @dash40ianse had some of the best shooting stats we will so for a week.

    Winner - @dash40ianse (POR)

    Dash40naise 4-0 16.8 ppg 4.5 rbg 2.8 apg 1.3 bpg 69.7% FG 78.6% 3PT

    @Navyynick found his grove with this new team this week and started putting up the #s like everyone expected him to. And by that I mean just filling up all the stats

    Winner - @Navyynick (SAC)

    Navyynick 3-1 6.3 ppg 10 rbg 5 apg 2.8 spg 1.5 bpg 50% FG 0% 3PT

    Again these are just.my thoughts and they are just.made for people to debate and stuff. Try not to get your feelings hurt too much cause I really dont care how you feel;)
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    Thank you for taking the time to do this.