Week 3 Power Rankings

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    Hey guys, Stun Gun back at it again with my latest shitpost on cerb tots!

    All jokes aside, let's see this week's power rankings!

    1) RB Leipzig --

    No surprise to see this side still holding the top spot. 4 wins, no losses or draws signifies a very strong week for this side. Nothing else to report here, their scorelines do that for me.

    2) Borussia Dortmund --

    Despite struggling Sunday, Borussia's 2 wins on Monday keep them running well in the league. They sit three points behind current leaders Leipzig, and do have the strength to try and push for the title.

    3) Bayern Munich +1

    A .500 week for Bayern, as they take 2 wins, along with 2 losses. Missing key defender Stun Gun definitely hurt them in their loss to Leipzig, although they were solid on both games Monday. Patrick with a defensive and offensive masterclass gave them a huge win against Köln. This team just need to get their offensive woes behind them, and the points will come en masse.

    Oh, and this team just got Coyle from bidding! Napoli 2 incoming?

    4) Schalke -1

    This team has been consistent. Call them Man United, because they love to draw. However, unlike Man United, they're actually third in the standings! In fact, they're more like Wolves, steal points from Leipzig, Bayern, and Dortmund, and give them to the poor, Hertha and Frankfurt! They've kept making strong moves, but just need to find out how to convert 1 point into 3 if they want to fight for the title!

    5) Wolfsburg +1

    Forget Schalke vs. Dortmund, Dortmund and Wolfsburg hold the real LGFA Derby! 2 draws and 2 losses this week (1 very controversial loss) don't seem very good, but this team has shown signs of improvement as of late. Don't count them out from solidifying themselves as a top midfield team.

    6) Köln -1

    Köln is sinking, fast. They lost Mikey last week, and had Bayern come in as an emergency replacement. Mattalo sadly forgot that Bayern is even worse with availability than U_Just had been when he was traded. They had to resort to using AshHole in goal for Monday's fixtures, and it didn't go well. After the corner howler vs. Bayern, Ash_Hole has now been sent on a permanent loan to free agents. :( Köln seriously need to figure out who their new #1 will be, or hell even a #13 when Bayern is away from his PS4 at night, or things will get bad quick.

    7) Hertha BSC +1

    Hertha have been improving a little, and finally have been attempting to make some moves to improve their side! It hasn't converted into results yet, but they move up since they weren't as awful as this next team...

    8) Frankfurt -1

    The highs and lows of the LGFA. Resting 24 points behind the leaders, things do look bleak for them. Giving up 7 and scoring 0 on Monday night will kill a team's morale. Either way, things aren't completely over for them. They still have a lot of money, and if they return next season, they'll be like Sheikh Mansour with all their spending on the fresh bidding guys!


    There were quite a few trades this week, so I'll just leave my grades for them, and only leave a comment on one or two!

    Köln and Frankfurt: $1.5m for Nice_Ash_Hole
    Köln: F
    Franfkurt: A-

    With AshHole gone, Köln basically have spent 1.5m for nothing. The grade will depend on what happens with compensation, but if there isn't any, grades will remain like this. Frankfurt did lose a good player, but got some good cash from the deal.

    Hertha and Wolfsburg: BobbyOrr4 for jweide1988
    Hertha: B
    Wolfsburg: B+

    Hertha and Köln: ZackAttacks for NLEScope
    Hertha: B-
    Köln: B

    Wolfsburg and Schalke: lachrymanopsia for $500,000
    Wolfsburg: B+
    Schalke: B

    Hertha and Schalke: vivaelchelsea for bootysmasher and LaAlbiceste
    Hertha: A-
    Schalke: B+
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