HeadLine Who Can Step Up In Week 4?

The Race is Wide Open

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    Who Can Step Up In Week 4? - The Race is Wide Open.

    Throughout Week 3, we have seen the rise of the Eastern Atlantic Division, but will it be enough to get out of the other 3 divisions shadows? The race for the top is beginning to take shape, and it will be one hell of a ride to the finish

    Eastern Atlantic:

    At the beginning of the second week, I had stated that the Eastern Atlantic has been overshadowed by other phenomenal play by the other divisions. Since then, they have risen up for the depths of the unknown and announced themselves as a division you can not turn a blind eye to. During the past 10 games, the division has amassed a total of 41 wins 25 losses and 14 overtime losses. A marvelous turnaround from a rather poor 1 and a 1/2 weeks. If this play can continue, they will seriously turn some heads for the weeks to come.

    Eastern North:

    The Eastern North continues to thrive at the top of the standings, while the bottom half of the division still cant seem to find their footing in games. Only Utica, from the bottom four of the division, was able to amass an above .500 record through the past 10 games. If they are to make this division interesting, they will need to produce numbers. Currently, the Devils hold the last spot in the division for a playoff berth, but are 3 points behind the Crunch. Can the bottom half shape up this week or will the results remain the same?

    Western Central:

    Boasting a whopping four teams in the division in the top of the league, the Western Central wasted no time in stating why they should be the best division in the league. Currently led by Manitoba, the Wolves, the Wild, and the Admirals, this division has found ways to win big this past week, with the highlight of the week going to the Wild blowing out the Condors, the then leader of the Western Pacific, 11 to 3. This division continues to impress, and shows no signs of slowing down. So the real question is... How do you stop them?

    Western Pacific:

    This has been a rough week for the whole Western Pacific in general, as only 2 teams have won 5 or more games this week. The Condors have taken a drastic turn for the worse as they went from having an 8 and 1 week 3 to now having a 4-4-1 record this week. What is going on over there? The positive side to the division is that the Reign and the Rampage have had an outstanding past 10 games going 7-3 record, propelling the Reign back into first place in the division and moving the Rampage up to fourth. This division is tight, and everyone having a rocky week helped make this division a close one. Will this be enough to give them a top three spot? Or will they come crashing down?

    Power Rankings

    1st- Western Central
    2nd- Eastern Atlantic
    3rd- Eastern North
    4th- Western Pacific

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    I like these, it's different and unique. Keep up the good work @jaredrox1103
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