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Report A Bug or Error?

If you've come across a "coding bug" in either the Leaguegaming Web site or mobile app, then please repost this bug to Tris10 via private message.

However read these conditions first

  • You must be able to reproduce this bug, and send us the exact steps on how we can reproduce it. If we can not reproduce this bug, we can not debug it and fix it
  • Provide as much information as you can about about what the bug is, what is expected, What the action is related to and any other information that you think is helpful in debugging and fixing this bug/error.
  • If the bug relates to a user or a game or anything else, save us the step and send us a direct link to the user/game/ect.
  • Provide a screen shot or even a video of the bug. To send a screen shot simply click "print screen" (on your keyboard) and paste on https://www.imgur.com. To send a screen shot on your mobile device, hit the "home and power" button at once to save a screen shot of your mobile phones screen. Once the image is on the web, provide a link to the image in the private message.

Bug reports that do not provide us the information we need above, may simply be ignored.

Once you have read the information above, Please:
Report A Bug