LG McDonald
Sep 30, 2013
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Jul 5, 1988 (Age: 35)
Ottawa, ON

LG McDonald

Director of Hockey Operations, Male, 35, from Ottawa, ON

Staff Member Admin Platinum League Commissioner LGHL Xbox League Director LGHL BOG (PSN) LGHL BOG Media Director Player Development Committee

Noo Jun 6, 2023

    1. juniorrock86
      How can I delete my account from the League gaming website?
    2. I THOIVI I
      I THOIVI I
      Can you unsubscrit me of season for nhl 24
    3. LG McDonald
    4. Treebark--
      Hey I’m sorry I can’t really figure out how or who to msg. I heard some rules might have changed and I might be allowed to sign up late and have a chance to get picked up and play? Also I can’t get my old ea account back so I made a new ea and psn, it’s very close to the one that shows I just need to change it formally
    5. COMATOSE 9
      COMATOSE 9
      Sorry to bother you. Made a LG account about 7 years ago. Wanted to get back into LGHL but upon logging in to my account it said I need to be vetted. Went through vetting steps, and when I click to send, it said I already had an open ticket. Trying to get my gamertag COMATOSE 9 for Xbox vetted. Please let me know if there is anything I can do on my end. Thanks!
    6. Kap I37I
      Kap I37I
      it wont let me fill out the vetting info only states i have a open ticket and when i look for it it's nowhere to be seen :/ sorry to bother you
    7. Kap I37I
      Kap I37I
      possible if you might be able to have my vet looked at let me know if there's anything you guys need much appreciated man excited to play, sorry to bother you appreciate your time
    8. xsheeeshx1
      did you get a chance to look at my appeal?
    9. LG McDonald
      LG McDonald
      new discord LG McDonald#2877
    10. Naistone90
      Hi was wondering about my psn account wanted it changed from dominicstonechil..to bearclaw99306 I've tried changing it today but doesn't seem to work
    11. The Goon1280
      The Goon1280
      Can you vet Grizzlies88 and Freedman1120. Trying to enter caps tourney and need this done to do so. Thank you
    12. The Goon1280
      The Goon1280
      Can you help with two people becoming unvetted so i can enter caps gaming
    13. PriceX31Mvp
      Can you please help me to be unvetted
    14. CrucifiedCasto_
      hi, i switched my psn too CrucifiedCasto_ can u switch it
    15. Kmatt9K
      I added you on discord can u add me back
    16. FerranteCesare2
      yo LG - shoot me a message on discord MF22#3653
    17. lane1919
      Help @Barzal13. Discord is @Barzal13#5282. His account needs vetting.
    18. AYE CUZ 93
      AYE CUZ 93
      I changed my position on may 27th... and it didn't go through.. I have been scouting with teams only as a goalie this whole time please help
    19. Nike v8
      Nike v8
      Yo umm a friend named Aviss 93 is trying to get signed up for a league of a bid tonight. I need the vitted or something on my profile I’m new
    20. RtC21
      Hello i hope all is well. Im sorry im sure im in the wrong spot but i cant find where to cancel my sign up for the upcomming season in the NHL on xbox. If you could remove me so i can sign up for chl or ahl id appreciate it :)
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    Jul 5, 1988 (Age: 35)
    Ottawa, ON
    NHL 16 Player Name:
    -. McDonald
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    LG McDonald
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