Game of the Night : S33, WK2, THU 2019-06-17

A breakdown of the LGAHL's Game of the Night

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    Tonight's LGAHL Game of the Night features two talented teams with two different playing styles. On one side, we have the AHL's premier scorers as they lead in points prior to the start of the week in PigsOnJupiter and Verathy. Both of these players average above a 4 PPG after just three games. Now on the other side, we have one of the most defensive talented lines in the AHL. Not only has the AGM of the Eagles, TeachMe18, has lead his line with a nice looking 6 goals against in 3 games, but hawksfan20 and IsC0NaLd0 have provided some decent goal support in their 3-0 start. When we have a game where offense favors one team and defense favor another, we have to come down to the last variable...the goalies! SamSchwartzy will be getting the edge in this one with having a fantastic start to his season with a 4-0 record, 9th ranked 1.5 GAA, and 15th ranked 86% SV%. Will the Eagles prove that defense is the key? Or will Utica keep up this epic dominance that no one had expected this season?

    Players to Watch : PigsOnJupiter, SamSchwartzy, TeachMe18

    Analysis : This could be one of the most exciting games to watch as you have a group of guys that people doubted against a team that everyone has favored to win the Calder before the season began. This game will shift odds for Utica is they can take an early season win against the Eagles.

    Prediction : COL 3, UTI 4​