LGCHL Article II: Scheduling and Game Night Procedures

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    Article II : Scheduling And Game Night Procedures

    [​IMG] Section I : Weekly Scheduling and Restrictions
    -------- : 1.1 : Availability
    -------- : 1.2 : Right to be Scheduled
    -------- : 1.3 : Right to Play
    -------- : 1.4 : Weekly Lines
    -------- : 1.5 : Restrictions and Exemptions

    [​IMG] Section II : Scheduling Process

    -------- : 2.1 : Schedule
    -------- : 2.2 : LGCHL Game Times
    -------- : 2.3 : Holiday Game Schedule

    [​IMG] Section III : Game Night Procedures

    -------- : 3.1 : Game Night Session Set Up
    -------- : 3.2 : Game Night Timeline
    -------- : 3.3 : Additional Time
    -------- : 3.4 : Hosting
    -------- : 3.5 : Inputting Stats
    -------- : 3.5.1. Responsibility
    -------- : 3.5.2 : Deadline
    -------- : 3.5.3 : Inputting Options
    -------- : 3.5.4 : Required Stats and Pictures
    -------- : 3.5.5 : Forfeit Games Stats
    -------- : 3.5.6 : Computer Stats
    -------- : 3.5.7 : Lag Out Stats
    -------- : 3.5.8 : Player Replaced Mid Game

    [​IMG] Section IV : Disconnection Procedures

    -------- : 4.1 : A Player Loses Connection
    -------- : 4.1.1 : Player Loses Connection Prior to the Game's Start
    -------- : 4.1.2 : Player Loses Connection On the Opening Face Off
    -------- : 4.1.3 : Player Loses Connection During a Game
    -------- : 4.1.4 : Unable to Return
    -------- : 4.2 : Goalie or Multiple Player Disconnections
    -------- : 4.2.1. : Goalie Disconnections
    -------- : 4.2.2 : Multiply Player Disconnections
    -------- : 4.3 : Restitution Penalties
    -------- : 4.4 : Coincidental Penalties
    -------- : 4.5 : Additional Information

    [​IMG] Section V : Replays, Reschedules, and Forfeits

    -------- : 5.1 : Replays
    -------- : 5.2 : Reschedules
    -------- : 5.2.1 Reschedule Restrictions
    -------- : 5.3 : Forfeits
    -------- : 5.3.1 : Forfeit Procedures
    -------- : 5.3.2 : Forfeit Restrictions

    [​IMG] Section VI : Tie Breakers


    [​IMG] Section I : Weekly Scheduling Procedures and Restrictions

    1.1 : Availability

    - Active Roster Player(s) are
    Required to post their availability each week in the generated thread accessible in your "Team Locker".

    - The Player(s) is required to give a
    Minimum of 4 games availability each week to maintain their "Right To Play" & "Right To Be Scheduled". By doing this gives
    Managers adequate options when creating the weekly schedule.

    Best Practice Suggestion for (Players)

    - Submit availability on the website to protect yourself from removal requests.

    Best Practice Suggestion (Owners / Management)

    - Encourage your Player(s) to use the website frequently. It is part of your responsibility as management to ensure your Player(s) are educated on website rules & regulations.

    1.2 : Right to be Scheduled

    - Active Roster Players Must be scheduled for a minimum of (3) games per week.

    1.3 : Right to Play

    - Forwards & Defensemen (Skaters) can at max play a (3) games a week.

    - If a player(s) gives less than the required (4) Game availability, the player forfeits their right to play (3) games a week. Therefore the team's manager will not face judicial punishment for the player not playing three games in a week.

    - Goalies must be played a minimum of (3) games a week and up to a maximum of (6) games a week. Goalies whom fail to give the required (4) Game availability forfeit their right to play. Therefore if a goalie plays less than the required minimum games (3) in a week, the team's manager(s) will not face judicial punishment due to the poor availability issue.

    - Being involved in a game that results in a forfeit, Does Count as a game played and a game scheduled. This will not be reflected in the game stats to help prevent skewing of the player's stats.

    - In the (PSN) LGCHL, there is NO positional lock, therefore players can play as a skater & as goalie.

    - In situations where a skater plays ALL their games in a single week as a Goalie, that skater falls under the Goalie scheduling restrictions.

    - Any combination of skater (C-LW-RW-LD-RD) and goalie games in a single week by any roster player, results in that roster player falling under the Skater scheduling limitations of a player (listed above).

    1.4 : Weekly Lines

    - Managers are Required to submit their lines on a weekly basis. Lines are due by 8:00 P.M Eastern Standard Time on Sundays of each weekend.

    Best Practice Suggestion (Players) :

    - Post your availability as soon as you can to help your Managers create their lines on time.
    Article II, Section: 1.1 Availability)

    Best Practice Suggestion (Owners / Management) :

    - Make sure your lines are submitted on time to avoid any violations being filed on your team.

    (Reference Article IV, Section: 5.1 Late Lines)

    1.5 : Restrictions and Exemptions

    - A Player who is scheduled for a game that results in a forfeit is NOT eligible to be scheduled for a new game.

    - When a game results in a forfeit, Players that were in the lineup for that game are not eligible to play in another game. Therefore in this situation, Players may end up not playing their required three games a week.

    - A Player who submits less than the minimum required (4) game availability forfeit their ability to file complaints on their Managers for not scheduling them for games in which they were available for.

    - In some situations Management may not be able to schedule a Player due to the overall limited availability of the entire team.

    - If a player posts their (4) Game minimum amount of games available, Management is ineligible to submit a Player for removal whom misses a game(s) that the Player did not post availability for.


    - A situation where a Player does not submit availability at all or the player submits less than the required (4) games a week availability.

    - Players whom are scheduled for a game on their current roster are ineligible to be scheduled / play as an emergency call up (ECU) for their NHL / AHL team.


    - A situation where the Owner, General Manager or Assistant General Manager whom scheduled the Player releases the Player to be used as an ECU.

    - When a skater (C-LW-RW-RD-LD) plays a combination of games in net as a goalie & in any of the skater positions, that player is LIMITED to the Skater scheduling restrictions (3) games a week MAX

    - When a goalie plays a combination of games in net & in any of the positions listed as skater, that goalie is now restricted to the Skater scheduling restrictions. Once a goalie plays (3) games in a single week, that goalie is INELIGIBLE to play any of the skater positions (C-RW-LW-LD-RD).

    - If a skater (C-LW-RW-RD-LD) plays all of his or her (3) weekly games as a goalie, that player now falls under the goalie scheduling restrictions.

    [​IMG] Section Two : Scheduling Break Down

    - The LGCHL has a series of set game times & a set scheduled to ensure the community can have a consistent schedule season to season.

    - The game schedule is emulated off the actually CHL schedule. Game times are only subject to change as a result of the Players, Managers & Staff agreeing on such changes.

    2.1 : Schedule

    - The CHL schedule is made up of (
    8) regular season weeks & (1) pre-season week.

    - Sunday's are the beginning of a new week.

    2.2 : LGCHL Game Times

    - All times are Eastern Standard Time, accounting for Daylight Savings Time when applicable.

    Sunday 8:30 P.M
    Sunday 9:30 P.M

    Monday 8:30 P.M
    Monday 9:30 P.M

    Tuesday 8:30 P.M
    Tuesday 9:30 P.M

    Wednesday 8:30 P.M
    Wednesday 9:30 P.M

    Thursday 9:30 P.M

    2.3 : Holiday Game Schedule

    - In situations where League games are scheduled on a holiday, the league will try their best to reschedule the entire league's games to avoid playing on holidays such as :

    * Christmas, Christmas Eve
    * New Years Eve, New Years Day
    * Canada Day, 4th Of July
    * Thanksgiving (Canadian and American)

    [​IMG] Section Three : Game Night Procedures

    3.1 : Game Night Session Set Up

    - In the EASHL screen, the club challenge option shall be utilized. The home team is responsible for sending the challenge to the opposing team.

    - If there is an issues with club challenge, the PIN System maybe utilized as well for official League Games.

    3.2 : Game Night Timeline

    Official Game Time

    - CHL Official Game Times are 8:30 & 9:30.

    - The Home Team's Manager On Call (MOC) will send a game invite or message to the away team's Manager On Call (MOC). If an additional (5) minutes is required both teams can inform each other of that requirement via Shout-Box, PM, Private chat or PSN Message.

    5 Minutes Past the Official Game Time

    - The home team's Manager On Call (MOC) or Room captain will send the official club challenge no later than this time UNLESS
    additional time has been required.

    - If the club challenge has been sent & the timer in the club challenge window expires & granted extra time has yet to be requested a forfeit can be claimed.

    3.3 : Additional Time

    - Additional time is considered a maximum of (10) minutes.

    - Additional time can be requested for players whom may be experiencing connection issue, last minute lag out, disconnection, power failure, or any other unforeseen issues that may have prevented that player from being able to join the game session during the allotted time listed above.

    Additional time can be requested:

    - Prior to or up to the "(5) minutes past the official game time" (both home and away team).

    - During the (5) minute window whereby the home team has sent the club challenge (If the away team has a player lose connection trying to join the challenge DR)

    - During the (5) minute window whereby the home team has sent the club challenge and one of their players loses connection. (Home team waiting in the game session)

    - Any time a player lags out during the game, in-between periods or right before the opening face-off. (both home and away teams)

    - The home team may also request additional time if one of their players is experiencing an issue right at the time in which the club challenge is being sent.

    3.4 : Hosting

    - Not applicable for NHL 17 Club Challenge or NHL 17 Private Session PIN System.

    3.5 : Inputting Stats

    Management ONLY

    - Click the link provided on how to upload stats via the API : "How To" Take Stats Using API Feature

    - Click the link provided on how to upload stats via the OCR: "How To" Take Stats Using The OCR Feature

    3.5.1. Responsibility

    - The team winning teams management is responsible for ensuring that all stats are entered on time.

    - Both organizations involved in the game are to ensure that at least 1 person from both teams has taken pictures in case they are needed.

    3.5.2 : Deadline

    - The deadline for the stats to be uploaded is 24 hours after the original game time.

    3.5.3 : Inputting Options

    - The API system is the recommended way for stat entry.

    - There are two options for stat input:

    * API
    * OCR

    - Both the API & OCR are accessed by management via the "My LG" tab then by selecting "Input score" which is located in your LGCHL forum.

    - Games that have lag outs should be entered via the OCR option. The API would still work but should be the last resort in a lag out situation.

    3.5.4 : Required Stats & Pictures (OCR)

    - There are 4 screen shots that are required to be taken & uploaded after each game.

    * Game stats
    * Box Score
    * Player stats (1st part the PIM should be highlighted) - Please reference: "How To" Take Stats Using The OCR Feature
    * Player stats (2nd part the FO% should be highlighted) - Please reference: "How To" Take Stats Using The OCR Feature

    - If a lag out occurs then you are to access the player states through the box score & stats are required to be sorted by minutes to ensure all human control players are listed at the top of the screen shot (Don't forget the goalie stats).

    Recommended Best Practice:

    - It is strongly recommended that a screen shot of the players listed in the lobby prior to a forfeit be taken to ensure an illegal substitution of players does not occur.

    3.5.5 : Forfeit Games Stats

    - The only stats required is the score of the game (1-0 or 0-1).

    - No other stats are to be inputted.

    - Use the "forfeit" button locked in the OCR for forfeit games.

    - All Players involved in a forfeit game must be marked as (DNS) in the game stats.

    - Teams that are claiming a forfeit win are to screen shot & upload a picture of the lobby so the League can determine which Players were in the lobby prior to the game starting.

    3.5.6 : Computer Stats

    - In any situation where a CPU Player scores a goal(s), that goal(s) is to be added to the game stats.

    3.5.7 : Lag Out Stats

    - In the situation where a lag out occurs, resulting in a game being restarted, both teams are required to gather all 4 of the required stat pictures as mentioned above above in Section 3.5.4: Required Stats & Pictures.

    - The team that wins will then be the team required to upload all the photos from the game using OCR or utilize the API system.

    3.5.8 : Player Replaced Mid Game

    - In the situation where a player lags out & can not return to the game, an ECU must be called upon & listed in the same game at the same position.

    Section Four : Disconnection Procedure

    4.1 : A Player Loses Connection

    - This sections outlines what is to occur when a single Player loses connection during a game, or prior to a game starting.

    4.1.1 : Player Loses Connection Prior to the Game's Start

    - If a Player loses connection before the game starts, that Player is given a maximum of 10 minutes to reconnect & join the game session. During that allotted time, the team who had the Player lag out has the option to replace that Player with an ECU.

    - If that decision is made, the Player whom lost connection is ineligible to return for play & the game will count as a game played / scheduled for the roster Player who could not return as well as an ECU game for the replacement Player.

    Recommended Best Practice :

    - Follow the process outlined for addition time in Section 3.3.

    4.1.2 : Player Loses Connection On the Opening Face Off

    - If any Player drops prior to or during the first face off of a game, the game is to be stopped & all Players are to back out of the game.

    - The game will then be restarted & no penalty should be taken by either team.

    Recommended Best Practice :

    - Restart the game quickly so that the game can start as close to on time as possible.

    4.1.3 : Player Loses Connection During a Game

    - If any single skater loses connection after the opening face off of a game, that team will play without that Player until the end of the period.

    - The team will be charged with a lag-out penalty. This penalty is to be taken immediately upon re-start.

    - The Player who lost connection must take the lag-out penalty, not a Player the team chooses.

    - If a Player loses connection during an intermission, the game is to be restarted right away. A lag-out penalty is to be applied upon the game resuming.

    Recommended Best Practice :

    - This is where having an ECU on call can be helpful. If your player can not return, it can result in a forfeit. Therefore the best option is always have an ECU ready to fill in.

    4.1.4 : Unable to Return

    - If for any reason a Player is unable to connect in order to finish a game, that Player must be replaced with an ECU, not another roster Player.

    - The game will register as both a game played the Player whom lost connection, as well as the ECU replacement. All stats are to be recorded for both Players.

    - Please Reference Section 3.5.7 in regards to correct procedures for stat input in situations where players lag out and do not return

    4.2 : Goalie or Multiple Player Disconnections

    - This section outlines what is to occur in situations where a goalie or multiple Players lag out at the same time.

    4.2.1. : Goalie Disconnections

    - If the goaltender for either team lags out, pictures are to be taken & all Players are to leave the game.

    - Upon restart, both teams are to proceed to their ends of the ice and wait until the clock reaches the time in which the game is to resume.

    - Once the time is reached, any necessary penalties are to be applied & the game is to resume.

    4.2.2 : Multiply Player Disconnections

    - If any combination of two Players or more lose connection during the game, the game is to be played out until the next whistle. All plays up until the next whistle will count. Once the play stops, the game is to be paused, pictures are to be taken & all Players are to leave the game.

    4.3 : Restitution Penalties

    - Restitution penalties are taken once a game restarts after a disconnection. In order to take the penalty quickly and effectively, the team required to take the penalty is to be allowed to win the face off. Once they win the face off, the team is to give the puck to their Player who is required to take the penalty.

    - Once the Player has possession of the puck, the Player is to skate into their own end and flip-dump the puck over the glass, creating a delay of game penalty.

    Recommended Best Practice :

    - The team that needs to take the penalty should be allowed to win the draw. Then the puck should be given to the player who is required to take the penalty. Once that player has possession, a delay of game penalty is the quickest & more effective penalty to take.

    4.4 : Coincidental Penalties

    - In situations where both teams have an equal amount of penalties, both teams are not required to take restitution penalties.

    Recommended Best Practice :

    - Common sense states that if both teams are to take an equal amount of lag out penalties, then no penalties are required to be taken by either team. This will allow for the game to be played more effectively.

    4.5 : Additional Information

    - In the situation where a goalie lags out or a multiple Player lag out occurs during a power play, once the game is restarted, the original power play must be honored.

    - Once the clock reaches the time that was remaining in the original penalty, then the additional restitution penalty can be taken.

    Recommended Best Practice :

    - The team whom is required to honor a penalty from prior to the disconnection should be allowed to win the face-off. From there a delay of game penalty should be taken.

    - The next face-off should be given to the team whom is required to take the disconnection penalty. Once the current penalty clock reaches the time remaining on the penalty prior to the lag out, the disconnection penalty should be taken.

    - In the situation where the disconnection penalty & the penalty prior to the lag out are on opposite teams, simply have the two penalties cancel each other out.

    Section Five : Replays, Reschedules & Forfeits

    - This section covers the rules and restrictions that apply to games being replayed, rescheduled, or resulting in a forfeit.

    5.1 : Replays

    - In the situation where a complaint is filed and the League's BOG determine an infraction occurred that directly affected the result of the game, a replay may be ordered.

    - Also in situations where teams intentionally play in a different manner in order to change the outcome of the game, the League reserves the right to remove those Players from the League & have the game replayed.

    Recommended Best Practice :

    - Request can be via the Action Center for a reply.

    5.2 : Reschedules

    - In situations where both team are having connection issues, the Manger On Call's (MOC) from both teams can file a formal reschedule request in the action center or via LG private message.

    - In situations where major server issues, or acts of God (Power Outages) occur that affect several members of the community, the League reserves the right to reschedule games to later dates.

    - In situations where one team can not ice six skaters, both teams can agree to a reschedule at a later date.

    - All reschedules will be played during the secondary time slot on the Thursday (9:30 P.M Eastern Standard Time) of the same week, depending on how quickly the League Staff receives the formal request.

    - In situations where more than one game slot requires rescheduling, the League Reserves the ability to allow each team's management to reschedule their own games.

    5.2.1 Reschedule Restrictions

    - Due to the strict scheduling & playing rules outlined in this Article, the original roster scheduled for the original game prior to the reschedule is required to be scheduled for the reschedule game.

    - If one or more of the original players can not attend the reschedule game, regardless of reason, a ECU is required to be used or a player who did not play their maximum game allotment during that week.

    5.3 : Forfeits

    - In the best interest of what the League stands for, forfeits are deemed a last resort.

    - During the playoffs, forfeits will not be eligible to be taken for any reason, except if a game is overturned due to a serious ineligible player issue.

    5.3.1 : Forfeit Procedures

    - Forfeits can only be taken in the following situations during the Regular Season :

    - Prior to the game start, one of the team informs their opponent that they are unable to get six skaters.

    - After the "5 minutes past" official game start time & the home team has yet to send the club challenge to start the game.

    - The away team has not joined the club challenge, A recorded video stream may be required as evidence.

    - After the additional time request has expires, if the team who made the request can not get six skaters still, a forfeit can be taken.

    5.3.2 : Forfeit Restrictions

    - Any player scheduled for a forfeit game is ineligible to be removed from that game after a forfeit is declared.

    - It is the manager's responsibility to make the correct roster adjustments prior to the "10 minutes past official game time" to ensure the roster that is locked into that forfeit is 100% correct.

    - In no situation can a forfeit be taken prior to a game session invite being sent.


    - Situations where a lobby picture is presented showing that a line up change is required after the forfeit is declared.

    [​IMG] Section Six : Tie Breakers

    - In situations where teams are tied with the same amount of points in a season, the LG Standings system will abide by the following set of criteria to break the tie.

    - Tie Breakers In Order of Determination:

    * Fewer number of games played
    * Greater number of games won
    * Greater number of points between the tied teams
    * Greater positive goal differential between goals for and goals against from the entire season.
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