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    This is a public address with the intent of sending some educational info out to our players signed up for the Xbox and PSN LGHL Leagues! There isn't a lot of new info to pass on but what has to be passed on does apply to all players regardless of console.

    If you have any questions, by all means send Staff and I a PM and I can address your concerns.

    If you haven't already, I strongly recommend sharing the above image on Twitter or other forms of social media with intent to bring our numbers up for our AHL and CHL bidding sessions scheduled for later on this week as well as early next week.


    Tonight at 21:00:00 (9 PM est) NHL bidding goes live for our PSN and Xbox Leagues! This marks the start of our 27th season on the Xbox and the start of our 5th season on the PSN.

    NHL bidding is scheduled to run until Thursday May 18th at 21:00:00 BUT does have potential to end earlier if all the bids are in.

    Once NHL bidding ends, we open up a short, 24 hour window for players whom are sign up for AHL bidding to change their position. This allows players whom were past up in NHL bidding an opportunity to move to a new position that may make them more appealing when AHL bidding goes live.

    AHL bidding is scheduled to go LIVE Friday May 19th at 21:00:00 (9 PM est) and run until May 22nd. This applies to our PSN and Xbox AHL League.

    Once AHL bidding concludes, we also offer a 24 hour period for players to change their position prior to CHL bidding going live.

    Our CHL Bidding session, for both PSN and Xbox is set to kick off May 23 at 21:00:00(9 PM est). For the first time EVER our PSN CHL WILL start bidding with a FULL 60 Teams! Its extremely exciting for us because this allows us to offer the MAXIMUM amount of playing time for players we have ever been able to offer!

    Having both the Xbox and PSN leagues at full capacity allows us here on LG to have 240 competitive 6v6 games a night! That is something us as a community should be very proud of!

    Our opening night is set to kick off Sunday May 28th at 9 PM est and is set to end Thursday July 27th. Then we kick off Playoff hockey from July 30 until Aug 24th.

    We have plans to run an International Event during the Playoffs for both consoles, more info will be released about this near the end of the season!

    Understanding the Seasonal Ban Violations

    Here on LG, every player whom signs up for the season HAS to agree to our "Participation and Quitting Policy". It is physically impossible to sign up without agreeing to this policy.

    I assume majority of people don't full take the time to read and review that policy that is why I put the stipulation in Article Three of our Constitution that prior to each season starting I would make a post to inform you all about our policy and any changes that have been made to said policy.

    For the first time in MANY seasons the ban policy has been adjusted slight based off of some issues we have experienced since the addition of our PSN League.

    One of the MAJOR adjustments is that every league removal, regardless of reason, results in a MINIMUM two season ban from League play. When I say "two seasons" that refers to this current season and the entire next seasons. However we do have a few exceptions to this rule;

    1. In the final three weeks of the season, the MINIMUM ban length is increased to three season. This is to prevent late season quitting.
    2. Any serious issue(second tagging, account recovery, major CoC issues, etc) the ban length is increased to three seasons.
    3. Due to the increasing number of sign ups, and the extremely large TCs the Staff has the ability to issue a one season ban to players whom are deemed inactivity on a CHL Training Camp
    Coming into this summer season, it has been determined by Staff and I, a Community vote, and a current pending NHL Owner's vote that a seasonal ban from our Xbox LGHL SHALL carry a ban from our PSN LGHL. This also applies in the opposite situations whereby a PSN LGHL ban SHALL carry a ban in our Xbox LGHL.

    This applies in TWO MAJOR WAYS;

    1. If a player is currently ONLY signed up for ONE of the LGHL Leagues, and is issued a ban, said player will be INELIGIBLE to sign up for the other LGHL League. This policy isn't new, and currently applies for all Leagues on LeagueGaming.
    2. If a player is currently ACTIVE in both our PSN and Xbox League league and receives a season ban in ONE of the Leagues, that ban SHALL remove the player from BOTH Leagues. This will only apply to the our Hockey Leagues here on LG.
    In the situation where a player is issued a ban that removes eligibility from both Leagues and the player decides to buy-out said ban, that shall allow said player to gain eligibility back to BOTH leagues.

    Bidding Etiquette

    We are under and hour away from our NHL bidding sessions going live. This time of the seasons is the MOST important time of the season. Bidding offers the most fair form of team selection for a simulation League like ours, therefore we the League CANNOT allow any wishy washy issues from our players currently listed in bidding. Players in bidding have signed up for the League thereby showing intent to play this season. When a player signs up and heads to bidding that player is ACCEPTING the fact that ALL 30 teams have a shot to win said player.

    What we are trying to avoid is situations whereby players try and influence where they end up after bidding. Bidding is extremely time sensitive therefore Staff doesn't have the time they normally to do review and act on issues and complaints that are filed.

    What I recommend is if there is ANY doubt that you can play this season, let staff know and we will remove you from bidding.

    Player Status Changes and Playing Eligibility

    Currently our League has four active player statuses; Veteran, Amateur, Drafted Player and Prospect.

    Each status is based off of career seasonal and playoff games played totals that a player accumulates.

    Veteran players are players whom have played 27 games in the NHL(24 on PSN) OR have completed 54 games in the AHL. Veteran players have no call up restrictions or limits on what league they can play in UNLESS they are a late sign up and are randomly assigned AFTER bidding.

    Amateur players are players whom have completed 48 Xbox CHL Games or 15 games in the PSN CHL. Amateur players have no restrictions on where they can play UNLESS they sign up after bidding has completed and are randomly assigned.

    Drafted players are our players whom are selected in the NHL Entry Draft each season! These players are eligible for our NHL, AHL and CHL Leagues.

    Finally Prospect players are our BRAND NEW members to LG. These players in our Xbox League are players whom have yet to accumulate 48 games in the CHL. Where on our PSN Prospects are players whom have YET to accumulate 15 games in the CHL. Prospect players are ineligible to play in the NHL or AHL in both the Xbox and PSN leagues.

    As a reminder, player status do NOT auto adjust mid-season! The status' are adjust this time of the season prior to our bidding sessions going live.

    As always, if you have questions let us know

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