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    Above is the revised schedule for ESHL, and the playoffs.

    Playoff Format
    • The top 8 teams with the highest total player point value will be eligible for the playoffs.
    • Team points are based on the player points EACH ACTIVE roster player has accumulated over the duration of these ESHL tournaments.
    • The utility player position DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS the OVERALL team value used for player seeding.
    • Series will be a best of seven games.
    • Games 1-2-3-4 will be played Sunday of the week, with games 5-6-7 played on Thursday. *If needed*
    • Playoff rosters are made up of 6 active roster players, and 1 utility player, who is required to be listed on the team's Training Camp.

    The above roster is set correctly. Yung Gren would considered the Utility player, therefore his 393 player points do NOT count towards the team total of 5088.

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