PSN League Address: Staff Structural Changes, "The Debate" Club Challenge vs PIN System

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    Two hot topics I'd like to address with the entire PlayStation Community! Just so everyone is aware, @PlusSizePounder and I are currently looking to change the structure we have for our PSN Staff to be more league specific and thereby offering a better way to server our community.

    The structure we are looking to move to will see each League(NHL-AHL-CHL) get a League Director. This is similar to our Xbox structure. Under the League Director, will be two maybe three BOG depending on the League. The League directors will answer to Hadji and I great a better chain of command system allowing us to be more specific on our needs and address our leagues better. It will also open up the door to new opportunities in the future for those whom wish to step into a staff role but wanted it to be more structured. I believe there is a lot of pride to be had in a League Director role, and allow your league to grow and function better under your watch. At the AHL and NHL level having a director that can attract better managers, help educate and see our complaint numbers reduce is a major step forward. In the CHL, I also truly believe that having a strong CHL Director will allow us to fully expand to our 60 team potentially.

    Currently @PlusSizePounder and I will remain League Commissioners overseeing the process, staff, appeals, account vetting etc. Under us we are adding @v Sloshy to the NHL League Director's role, @Man-Bear-Pig to the AHL League Director's role, and @John_SheIdon to the CHL League Director's role.

    As for our BOG, we are looking to add a few more, and move a few guys around. Once we have it all sorted out I will be posting official staff lists for everyone to review.

    If you have interest in joining the BOG, message @PlusSizePounder and I.

    The "Debate" Club Challenge Vs PIN System

    Break out your tinfoil hats and get ready for myth busters... lol I'm jk. There appears to be some heavy debate on using club challenge vs using the PIN system. I felt it definitely was time to address these concerns and give some insight into how the match making works, as well as answer the popular question, "why does my connection feel better in PIN than CC".

    In NHL 17, there are two forms of connection. Peer to peer(HUT,VS etc) and Server base(EASHL, drop in etc). With that being said, regardless of you playing EASHL, using club challenge, playing drop ins, or using the PIN system you will always be connecting to one of three servers(East-West-Europe). These servers are NOT sub divided again to give priority to one mode over another. So when there are 100,000 players playing drop in, that affects how club games feel.

    When it comes to matchmaking there is a slight difference. The difference is using Club Challenge, the home team will be given host. On the PIN system, with home and away being random, the host of the connection could too be randomly assigned.

    How the system is host is what could give a false sense of "better connection." If you are a western player and are on a team with 5 eastern guys, the chances are the east servers will ALWAYS be used causing you to experience a poor connection. Same could apply if the home team in LG has a western house and the away team is eastern...

    The main issue we see on PSN and Xbox using club challenge is once a team accepts an challenge and one player does not make it into the screen. At this time, its a logged bug with EA with plans to have it address for future games. I know when the PIN system first came out, the system was trying to match match based on CR ratings which in theory could mean one player WOULD NEVER connect to a session unless that filter went away or reduced in time.

    I've made my suggestion to EA in regards to what changes we'd like to see for PIN and Club Challenge making our league structure better. Obviously we need the CC fix in so everyone makes into the lobby, and we need the PIN system game stats to be saved and accessed by our stats API, along with making home and away a side select before entering a PIN. At this stage in the its unclear what we will have moving into NHL 18 but I do now right now what I've listed above is how the server side is selected.

    If anyone doesn't believe me @B-Bunny @jonlol and @KoryDub took in the debate with EA during our group chat.

    Why The Strong Push To Use Club Challenge?

    Having 100% stat verification opens up the doors to main new ideas and features. We've already beaten into everyone's mind how easy stats are now and quickly they can be uploaded. The other side of teh coin that hasn't been discussed is in relationship to stat verification:
    • Stat verification eliminates the temptation for anyone to be like Devin. The built in features actually lock stats making it impossible to edit them.
    • There has often been a debate to allow after "x" number of pro series games, a user could be entered into the NHL Entry Draft. This system utilized for Pro Series, would allow this to be possible.
    • Career Milestones! It has been discussed to add to our system the ability to track milestones, so on this day three seasons ago player A played 1000 games. Or player B is two points away from 500 etc. All those things can be add to our system.
    • Live record updating. Points in a game, goals in a game etc...
    • Addition of LG Achievements that add to your profile.
    Using this system opens the doors to other features and ideas and things we are working on. Being able to get everyone use to using the system now, also gives us some history of past verified stats. Which is huge for us!

    That is the basics behind why we are doing what we are doing and were we are heading with our systems and future. If you have any questions let me know!

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