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    After receiving good and constructive feedback, I have revised how I will deliver my Goalie Power rankings. If you haven't seen the original, you can view it here. I will provide the top 10 with content, followed by sharing the full rankings, and beginning next week I will share previous week position.

    Let's talk about changes. Going forward, I will be using 4 main stats which include the following:

    1. Save % - Save Percentage
    2. GAA - Goals Against Average
    3. GSAA - Goals Scored Above Average
    4. GA % - Goals Against League Average

    For each stat (100 max points), a goalie is award points based on their individual rank compared to the whole.

    For example, if you rank 5th in the league for Goals Against Average, you would receive 95 points out of a possible 100, with the top rated player in that stat receiving the full 100, the 20th ranked player would get 80, etc.

    I take those numbers add them up, with the max possible points being 400. I then provide a 15% modifier based on games played, the intent to provide a bump to those who have played more games with similar stats to normalize the data.

    Lastly, in order to be in the rankings you have had to played on average at least 2.5 games per week, otherwise I consider those who haven't to be ECU, Sent Up, or Sent Down.


    Understanding GSAA & GA %

    GSAA = Goals Scored Above Average

    GSSA is a measurement of the number of goals a particular goalie saved based on his save percentage and shots against him given the average of both of these categories across the league. Think of GSAA as goals saved above replacement

    GA % = Goals Allowed %

    This is goals allowed % relative to league goals allowed average. Lower is better, 100 is exactly average, 0 means you have saved 100% of shots faced.


    # 10 – B I N K Y I77I | Colorado Eagles

    Let me start by saying that the strongest goaltending this season thus far, lives in the Western Pacific division. Rounding out the top 10 is @B I N K Y I77I of the Colorado Eagles. While, wins are a team stat, BlaNchet98 is 8-3-1 on the season in a very crowded Pacific division. Overall, exceeds league and divisional averages, and is outperforming previous season performance.


    # 9 – CaneShades| Milwaukee Admirals

    An admirer of both 2Pac and Marcus Mariota, @CaneShades (5-4-2) shows up at #9 this week. A nice week 3 in net, going 3-1-1 with wins over Tucson, Chicago, and San Diego. Season to date, CaneShades averages 16 shots against per game, and while managing an ~87% save percentage over the longer term is up for debate, if he continues to put up those ratios, he will keep Milwaukee in every game he plays.


    # 8 – TripAcez| San Jose Barracuda

    No surprise here, @TripAcez, an AHL veteran, getting it done with San Jose with 12 wins (T2) on the season and putting up similar numbers to S31 with Syracuse. I’m looking forward to more divisional matchups, in the stacked Pacific.


    # 7 – PHJ314 | Rochester Americans

    On my initial post, I believe @PHJ314 was happy to not be mentioned, with the assumption his future bids will remain low, obviously had to change that. In all fairness, PHJ314 is having a solid season through week 3, with a save percentage north of 87% and a 1.64 GAA, when @GoalieBro isn’t in net, the Americans are well covered. With 2 shutouts on the season through his 11 games, look forward to seeing how well these numbers can maintain over time.


    # 6 – Binger | Grand Rapids Griffins

    First full season for “old man” @Binger in the A after several seasons in the N, splitting time equally with @|Eden|, but performing better. With 14 games played, Binger ranks in the top 10 in each category I am looking at.


    # 5 – Name Is Ricky| Stockton Heat

    2nd member of the Stockton Heat to land in the top 10, @NameIsRicky is killing it, with 18 games played already, he ranks number 1 in overall wins amongst goaltenders, a .722 winning %. Currently out performing his S31 numbers and went 5-1 last week and has 3 shutouts on the year.


    # 4 – ALPHA Crank | Stockton Heat

    @ALPHACrank is playing backup to @NameIsRicky with 10 less game played, however, he is straight killing it. Ranks 4th overall in saves, 2nd in goals against average, and 4th in goals against %. Of note, the goal support Stockton has provided in his starts is 2.1 goals, a full goal less than that of Name Is Ricky’s starts. Can ALPHA Crank stay on this list? Given his limited games played, a bad game or two could change his position drastically.


    # 3 – keatsauce| Syracuse Crunch

    In the interest of full disclosure, I have an affinity for @keatsauce. When I started playing LG in S27, I played in the CHL on the same team as keat. @keatsauce continues to get better and is having a terrific S32, and I’ve lost to him twice, albeit by a goal each time. Ranks in the top 4 of each category, and is the nicest guy I’ve met playing LG.


    # 2 – Brn2Win18 | Belleville Senators

    A single point separates #1 from #2. The bottom line is @Brn2Win18 is carrying the max goaltending role for his Senators through week 3. With 18 games played, He ranks number 2 in save percentage at 88.3%, number 2 in goals against average, and number 1 in GSAA and has 4 shutouts.


    # 1 – TheCheetahlo 33| San Antonio Rampage

    As I mentioned before, #1 and #2 could be easily swapped. @TheCheetahlo33 ranks number 1 in both the league save percentage and goals against average. The one interesting fact and makes the difference is around GSAA or “Goals Saved Against Average” which takes shots into consideration. TheCheetahlo 33 receives on average 12.9 shots per game compared to the league average of 14.4, and our #1 take just a mere 3 % more with a less than 1% difference in save %. Either way, he’s killing it.



    Full Rankings Below:

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    Great Article looking forward to next weeks.
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    my man <3

    the media this season has been outstanding. love that you're going in depth for us tendies, feels good to be a part of. I'm looking forward to everything coming, keep up the great work!

    see you on the ice Kess dadddyyyyy
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