LGHL Season 26&27 Timelines

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    *The community has been asking for rough timelines in regards to what the next few seasons will look like. At this point in time, this is what I've planned for baring any major issues or delays*
    S25 Round Two
    Jan 1st - Jan 5th

    S25 Round Three

    Jan 8th - Jan 12th

    S25 Finals
    Jan 15th - Jan 19th

    S26 Off-Season
    Jan 19th - Jan 28th

    S26 NHL Bidding
    Jan 29th - Feb 1st

    S26 AHL Bidding
    Feb 2nd - Feb 5th

    S26 CHL Bidding
    Feb 6th - Feb 9th

    S26 Opening Night
    Feb 12th

    S26 Seasonal Timeline (Nine Week Season)
    Feb 12th - April 13th

    S26 Round One
    April 16th - April 20th

    S26 Round Two
    April 23 - April 27th

    S26 Round Three
    April 30th - May 4th

    S26 Finals
    May 7th - May 11th

    S27 Off-Season
    May 11th - May 20th

    S27 NHL Bidding
    May 21st - May 24th

    S27 AHL Bidding
    May 25th - May 28th

    S27 CHL Bidding
    May 29th - June 1st

    S27 Opening Night
    June 4th

    S27 Seasonal Timeline (Nine Week Season)
    June 4th - Aug 3rd

    S27 Round One
    Aug 6th - Aug 10th

    S27 Round Two
    Aug 13th - Aug 17th

    S27 Round Three
    Aug 20th - Aug 24th

    S27 Finals
    Aug 27th - Aug 31st

    Season 28 will begin the end of Sept 2017
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