LGHL NHL Management Application - Criteria & Responsibility

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    Please only post in this thread if you would like to be considered for a Management position.
    The league is opening Manager Application thread for interested players whom are seeking an opportunity for a Management role at the NHL level.

    All NHL Managers are selected by NHL Owners NOT by the League Staff!

    Role And Responsibility of an NHL Manager *Not limited to*
    • Ensure the overall success of the team.
    • Educate players listed on their current roster in all aspects of League rules and structure
    • Represent the LG Staff and LG Website in a manner deemed acceptable by the League's Commissioner
    • Agree to the terms outlined in the Management Expectations
    • Agree to be locked into a one season commitment outlined by Article One and Three
    • Understand that after accepting the role of Manager, a player cannot step down and buy-out their ban to return to the League that same season
    • Participate in change discussed that are moderated by the League's Commissioner
    • Abide by all rules and regulations outlined in the four Articles of the Constitution
    • Agree to terms outlines within the Management contract issued by the NHL Owner *applicable if the NHL Owner chooses to draft a contract
    • Reference Article One for more details on the roles and responsibilities for Managers. Reference Thread
    • Follow the standards outlined in the Participation Policy, Ban-Buyout Policy, Code of Conduct as well as the site's Term's of Service.
    Selection Restrictions

    Player's who are interested in being a GM in the NHL are required to follow this criteria:

    • Was not issued a ban in the last season said player participated in.
      • Exception - A player who was issued a ban in his or her previous season that was granted an appeal(even if the ban was bought out) will have this management restriction removed.
    • Is not currently listed on the NML on either console.
    • Player's under contract are INELIGIBLE to accept a management role of a team that DOES NOT hold the player's contract. In these situations players ARE REQUIRED to be traded for prior to accepting the Management Offer.
    • Prospect players that are set to head to the NHL Entry Draft ARE INELIGIBLE to accept a NHL management role until AFTER THE NHL ENTRY DRAFT! If the player is drafted, the above rule applies.
    • Player's are not eligible to accept a management role in a league in which the player's status does not allow the player to normally play in. ex: Prospect cannot manage in the NHL.
    • Players must be signed up for new season.
    The above criteria applies to 0 contract managers. Management positions that carry a salary issued from bidding only need to follow the following criteria:

    • Player CANNOT be listed on the NML on either console
    • Player MAY ONLY be promoted to management of the team that holds his or her's contract.
    Keep in mind that a player MAY NOT be specifically listed on the "No Management List" All player who are returning to the league following an "unexcused" league ban(appeal not grant) or a player who has EVER been issued a Capital Offence FALL UNDER THE RESTRICTIONS OUTLINED WITHIN THE NO MANAGEMENT LIST.

    All players currently listed on the No Management List can appeal her or her's case to be remove to the Commissioner's staff.

    All players returning from a league ban can appeal that ban by filing an appeal in the action center, and sending a PM to @LG McDonald

    Any questions about if a player meets the criteria to manage in a specific league can be send to @LG McDonald

    Application Process - Copy/Paste (below):

    Username / Gamertag *if different than username
    Management Experience
    LG Experience
    Other League Experience
    Have You've Been Issued a League Ban Before?
    Have You've Been Issued a Chat Ban Before?
    Have You've Been Issued a Capital Punishment Before?
    Have You've Been on the NML list before?
    On Average What is Your Weakly Availability?