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    Coming into S29 there has been a handful of changes and adjustments our Players need to be made aware of!

    As a player of this league it is your responsibility understand the rules and know the changes.

    Any questions or concerns can be sent to me directly via PM.


    Updated and Adjusted Rules for S29

    Article II Scheduling Process and Game Night Procedures

    • 1.1 Availability. Added; As a player your availability MUST be given no later than Saturday prior to the next week of play. Also be aware that we want availability only given in the scheduling system in the locker room, or via the mobile app.
    • 1.3 Right to Play. Reminder; players whom are in a forfeit cannot be subbed out, and this game will NOT show up on his or her's player card if managers enter the forfeit correctly in the system.
    • 1.5 Weekly Lines Restrictions and Exemptions. Added; moving forward your lines are locked at official game time(9-10-11). The line is ONLY LOCKED IF the game is NOT PLAYED! If the game IS played, the line can be adjusted with roster substitutions as well as ECUS. If the game is NOT PLAYED ie forfeit, whatever line up is listed at official game time, is the line up locked into said forfeit. Since lines are due for the ENTIRE week at 8 PM Sunday, if a team attempts to remove an entire line up from the system prior to official game time of game day, anticipating a forfeit, that line up will STILL be considered locked for the forfeit. Any roster subs to the line up SHALL be made PRIOR TO official game time or AFTER the game has officially been played.
    • 2.2 Game Times. Adjusted; NHL Wednesday game times will be 9 and 10, not 10 and 11, maintaining only two 11 PM games per week. All AHL times have been adjusted to 30s from the 45 minute mark.
    • 3.3 Additional Time. Changed; additional time is NO LONGER considered 10 minutes. It has been adjusted to 5 minutes. Therefore the nightly game process goes as follows: official game time 9-10-11 - five minute buffer 9:05-10:05-11:05 - additional time 9:10 - 10:10 - 11:10. Therefore 11 minutes PAST official game time is when a forfeit is taken. If additional time is NOT required, six minutes past official game time is WHEN a forfeit is taken. Keep in mind when two teams enter a "gentleman's agreement" and wait longer than the listed times above, a forfeit is INELIGIBLE to be taken. As a player keep in mind your managers can ONLY request extra time for scheduling issues. You being stuck in another League's game isn't an excuse for you to be late for your scheduled LG game!
    • 3.5.4 Required Stat Picture. Reminder; keep in mind that pictures and or streams are required to be used as a back up to the API. In situations whereby the API does NOT work, and or pictures are not there to back up an API issue, that can result in games being marked as 0-0 games and or players not receiving their stats for games they've played in. As a player it is ALWAYS in your best interest to get screens from games you were in to ensure if an issue occurs you team does not lose out on a W and you keep your stats.
    • 3.5.8 Replacing a Player Mid Game. Reminder; if a player lags out and CANNOT return, you must replace the player with an ECU player. ALSO KEEP IN MIND THERE IS NO LGHL RULE WHERE IF A PLAYER LAGS OUT THREE TIMES IN A GAME THE PLAYER HAS TO BE ECU'D.
    • 5.3.2 Forfeit Restrictions. Added; lines are locked at official game time. Therefore if a game results in a forfeit whomever is listed in the game at official game will be locked into the game. If a manager removes an entire line up prior to official game time and does not replace the line up by official game time, the players listed in the game originally are locked into the forfeit.
    Article III Rosters and Transactions
    • 2.1 Understanding Player Status. Reminder; status are NOT updated mid season. If you have a concern with a player potentially being listed incorrectly, please ensure you PM the BOG and Tris10. Also keep in mind that any player whom sign ups AFTER AHL BIDDING IS LIVE *Feb 8th at 9 PM* SHALL be issued a PINK RA designation EVEN IF THE PLAYER GO TO CHL BIDDING. Also the player status script is now the same for both PSN and Xbox.
    • 3.1.2 Seasonal Ban Procedure. Reminder; strikes are NOW cumulative which means if a player received five "missed game" strikes in a single season you as a player CAN BE REMOVED for inactivity.
    • 3.1.3 Capital Punishment. New; the new ban system has been added to the rules. Keep in mind that 1st offence buyout is $50, second offence buyout is $75 and a third offense buyout is $100. That is all within a five year period. Once a player his the third offence, and or is automatically issued a "Capital Punishment" the player SHALL be ineligible for play for three seasons, and will be required to pay $100 to return. The $100 buyout also does not minimize the ban length of a capital punishment. Also keep in mind a ban from Xbox will remove a player from the PSN League. Also an LGHL ban will prevent a player from participating in the ESHL events.
    • 3.4.5 ECU Restrictions. NEW; reminder you don't have to physically call an ECU up to use said player as an ecu. Also when a player is traded during the season his or her ECU limits reset. Additional, prospect players can be used as an ECU to the NHL three times a week for a maximum of six times per season. No changes to the ECU Playoff restrictions. As a player your role is to help out where you can with your affiliate team.
    • 3.5 Random Assignments. New; all players whom are randomly assigned and have played a season in the league before will be assigned at their highest salary ever obtained. The only 500k assignments will be players whom are brand new to LG.
    • 3.6.8 Trade Requests. Reminder; Drafted players cannot use their request in their first season of being drafted.
    • 4.5 Retirement. New; the deadline to unretire will be 5 PM the day of the NHL Entry draft. After the entry draft players are ineligible to unretire.
    • 4.7 RFA. Removed. This means players under contract whom wish to change their positions are ineligible to do so until their contract expires. Also drafted players
    Article IV The Rule Book
    • 1.3 Conduct Unbecoming. Add; if a player is found to be circumventing the intent of a rule, that user can be issue a violation under this clause.
    • 2.1.6 Right to An Appeal. New; When filing an appeal, we now require you to file an appeal in the AC, then follow up that appeal with an official PM. Moving into the season all official ruling responses from the league will be locked PMs. Therefore if you wish to appeal the decision we will require an AC appeal(so if granted it is stamped on your profile) and a follow up PM. Keep in mind if you are requesting an appeal, we require you to provide us with new information and or proof. If you are looking to have your seasonal ban appealed, send the PM to me directly.
    • 4.2 No Shows; Reminder. Missed game strikes are cumulative now. Therefore if a player misses five games ina season he or she can be removed from the League.


    New Ban Buyout Policy

    Starting in Januray 2018 we are going to update our ban buyout policy based on the most commonly received feedback from management and players. The 2 most common requests are

    1. Increase buyout for repeat offenders
    2. At a certain point the length of the ban should be served and can not be bought out
    3. No chat mute buyouts for certain lengths
    These 3 requests will be part of our new policy, as well as a new classification of "Capital Offense". Capital offense will replace site bans. here is a brief point form of the changes
    • Moving all currency to CAD from USD
    • Tiered Ban Buyout Amounts (over a 5 year span)
      • 1st Offense - $50CAD
      • 2nd Offense - $75CAD
      • Capital Offense (3 or more in a 5 year span) - $100CAD. Below are points for anyone with a capital offense
        • Must Serve a min 3 season ban
        • Includes a 6 month chat mute
        • If its a ban for the LGHL, can not play in either the Xbox or PSN until the min 3 season ban. However while this person is serving a capital offense they could buyout and play in other LG leagues (ie FNP, ESHL, CanAm, LGFA ect)
        • Must pay the ban to ever be allowed to come back and play in any league at LG. Capital offenses do not expire over time.
    • Any chat mute that is 6 months must serve 2 months of that mute that can not be bought out.
    • There will be no more site bans, anyone who's caught 2nd tagging, blatantly cheating or any other action we determine necessary will instantly be given a Capital Offense.
    Those will be the new changes, However a lot of people do not know the current buyout rules that protect managers so i want to post those below to remind everyone
    • Any player who buys out mid-season will be returned to their current team and contract (no player can buyout of a contract or who they play for)
    • Anyone who quits mid-season isn't pulled off any roster position in other leagues (as long as its not LGHL) but can not signup for any new season/league at LGHL while under a ban
    Thanks for everyone's feedback on this and good luck to everyone in 2018


    Refreshing Yourself With Current Rules and Policies

    #1 Trade Requests - Brokering Your Own Trade

    • All additional contract years are accepted by the player. Therefore if you as a player are on a 2 or 3 season contract, its because you agreed to it. Keep in mind a multi-year deal is to the team, not to the manager whom offered you the contract. Therefore is management changes hands between seasons, or during the season, you the player are still under contract with that team.
    • If you have a multi-year deal, you will be given a trade request. Keep in mind that if you request a trade, your team does not have to trade you until the deadline(Sunday entering week 7)
    • Players ARE NOT ALLOWED to contact other teams to acquire them!
    #2 Refusal To Play - Conduct Unbecoming - Determent to the Team
    • These are the three big "NO NOs" as a player.
    • Refusal to play comes in MANY FORMS! It doesn't always have to be as cut and dry as a player saying "I am not playing for you". Keep in mind that as a player, in this simulation league, you do not have the ability to dictate where you play and who you play with or for.
    • Conduct Unbecoming is a clause in our rules that allows staff and I to issue a disciplinary action to members of the league for incidents that occur in the league that aren't listed in a specific rule, but are still deemed actions that are in "bad taste". Realistically this violation will never be placed on you as a player if you think about what you say and or do. Don't act in a shady manner, show respect for the league and it's players.
    • Determent to the Team is a ban clause which normally is applied to those players whom intentional play bad. Dive all over the ice, only go for hits, play an enforcer that isn't the normal standard build you normally play with, etc.
    #3 Code of Conduct - Terms of Service
    • The League's Code of Conduct is based on the standard principals of fairness, and respect. The League promotes the most competitive experience possible. Normal trash talk is part of any sport and is deemed acceptable here on LG within the boundaries of our TOS and or CoC. The site staff doesn't and will not tolerate cyber bullying, harassment, or any form of discrimination. Any player whom feels that they are being treated unfairly by another member of the site is encouraged to contact the site Admin(@Tris10 - @LG McDonald) immediately to have his or her's concerns addressed.
    • The site's Terms of Service are linked to the sign up. Prior to signing up for the season, each player accepts the Terms of Service prior to being signed up. If you want to refresh yourself with the Terms of Service, click HERE.
    #4 Appealing a Ruling or Ban?
    • Players have the right to an appeal. That means that if a decision is made you can express your issues with the ruling and PRESENT NEW INFORMATION, which would show the staff came to the wrong conclusion. The key is NEW INFORMATION. The appeal system is not design to be a form to argue or vent displeasure. If you believe you did not deserve the punishment issued to you, and can provide proof to support that claim, that is where the appeal system applies to you.
    • Here is a reference video in regards to how the Action Center Alerts work.
    #5 Game Night Procedures - Lag Outs - Being ON TIME!
    • The nightly setup isn't new, but has be slightly adjusted. This has to be one of the biggest compliant I hear each season. Many players and managers do NOT want to wait for players, they simply want to play the games!
    • By now everyone should know when "Official Game Time" is. NHL - 9,10,11 AHL- 8:30,9:30,10:30.
    • The intent is for everyone scheduled to gather for official game time. There is a five minute window or "buffer" for players to switch games, get a drink, go to the washroom etc. Therefore according to the rules, the club challenge does not need to be sent until "five minutes after Official Game Time". In the NHL that would be 9:05 - 10:05 - 11:05. In the AHL that would 8:35 - 9:35 - 10:35.
    • There is also an "Additional Time" clause that allows managers to request FIVE EXTRA MINUTES for situations where players are experiencing connection issues. The key bit of information is CONNECTION ISSUES! This isn't for a player to finish his or her's banana league game. This clause would mean the club challenge DOES NOT need to be sent until 10 minutes after "official game time".
    • In a nutshell forfeits could be taken 6 minutes after "official game time" if additional time is not requested, or 11 minutes after "official game time", if the team is still not ready after additional time expires.
    • The big thing to remember is to be ON TIME! We all have lives outside of LG and if you show up on time all of this runs smooth. Also the league will turn a blind eye towards two teams whom want to play outside of these official timelines. The only thing I will caution EVERYONE about is if two teams agree to wait longer than the maximum amount of time allotted of 10 additional minutes from "official game"(5 minute buffer + 5 minute additional time) I am fine with that. BUT DO NOT EXPECT THE LEAGUE TO THEN HONOUR A FORFEIT THAT IS ATTEMPTED TO BE TAKEN! The rules outline SPECIFICALLY WHEN A FORFEIT CAN BE CLAIMED! If you want to play outside of the constraints of the constitution, you are giving up your ability to try and use the constitution in your favor to claim a later forfeit.
    #6 Retirement and Unretirement
    • Moving into S29 and more importantly for the S30 Off-Season(begins May 17th) THE DEADLINE TO UNRETIRE WILL BE NHL ENTRY DRAFT DAY, AT 5 PM EST! Anyone who wishes to unretire AFTER that deadline will be ineligible to play the season.
    • In the situation where a player is in a live bidding session, WITHOUT A BID, and wishes to be removed staff and I can do so, BUT THE PLAYER IS INELIGIBLE TO PLAY UNTIL THE FOLLOWING SEASON.
    • In the situation where a player HAS AN ACTIVE BID, and wishes to "retire" this will be treated as quitting resulting in a league ban.
    • Players coming out of retirement will be auto assigned to their organization's TC, but will be placed back on the active roster of whatever tier they were on at the time of retirement.

    Additional Reference Threads

    "How to" Taking Stats

    NHL 18 Participation Policy

    League Wide Code of Conduct

    As always if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please them to me immediately via PM on the site!

    Thanks for your time

    Best of luck in S29
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